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F it's Wendy Snyder. At some point we will cut away to the network coverage of the story of rod Rosenstein that's coming up at some point in the next half hour or an hour. All right. Good to know. We are celebrating hawk Harrelson and. Steve you mentioned something that I think your terminology was you're not typically are usually in his camp. Did you say something along those lines? His feeling happy. He's monitoring the live news. We're going to get right. But so some people didn't like hawk. I don't get it. He was kind of polarizing mercy. Mercy is right. He. How can I put it delicately? Alright. So almost everybody who broadcasts sports has a thing or two things that they're known for in terms of just the lingo the way, they say things everybody has a certain homerun call or whatever he can Harrelson had about a dozen of them and on any game day, you you would hear all right? Name is over that was one of stretch. Yeah. That thing right guy, right place. Right time right now he would say that every game. There were there were certain things that he just said all the time and people went. He's the original human Meam. Invented. Meaning. Yeah. He did. He did that. So there were there were people who criticized him for that. He also the other thing about him was in a day and age where they frown on an announcer being quote, unquote, a Homer like he really he would side the game to the White Sox. No question about it. Well, he was there announcer. I understand that. But the way of thinking now is because that used to be a lot more acceptable the guys in the old days. If you're watching a dodgers game the dodgers guys told you from the dodgers standpoint watching an Astros game. They told you now they almost want the game to be a little more well rounded and two sided and there's two schools of thought on that one. Is that that's the way to do it. The other is that it is. So Kenny Harrelson without a doubt, you knew he was a White Sox and. Well, he was very touched by the way was was more than any. Yeah. Ron Santo appaling accepted it from Ron why? And that from hawk I don't know why I don't know why. But with Ron Santo with a thousand people heard Ron doing a cubs game. You knew that he wanted the cubs to win. There's no doubt about it. I've missed him a good guy. Jasmine, do we have some audio of hawk Harrelson signing off if you if there are any words, it's mostly crying. No oh. Oh, yeah. You can play you play one of those do a couple of those. Okay. Hi,.

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