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The leyva and get a clean strike and sweep through the bold to kick it you on now getting the space that you're about to play in gets condensed by players coming in particularly in front of goal if i'm a short distance from the goal and i don't have time to pull my leg back in swing i'll just stab it with my toe got gotcha and hope you you lack complete control because it's such a minimum amount of surface contact with old that's the way it is so unless the professor has a more academic so i think correct me if i'm wrong gary but whatever you see a lot of tokyo do they typically go a little bit lower than the center mass you see a lot of backspin with i think the because i said it's a moment of desperation yuna conscious of going onto niece you're just stabbing the bowl because you have to execute that bulls movement immediately so you don't have the time to think you just stab it because if you get that that little bit of back on it it has that cut a sale affect because now you got this magnus force with an upward component trying to give the ball a little bit of a rise so if you'll if you'll like cheap ping as you would gopher out of the bunka and dropping it into a spot on the green you're able to take that swing you get onto right underneath the bold and you get that back spin on it which goes up woods but there's no power involved because you're not putting the power through the central area of the bowl you'll going underneath dissipating the power but causing that spinning affect that would inquire meet to have a lot time to swing with the puck i don't have that time i am so time poll hence the point of desperation right so basically so you're just you're you're kicking in hoping that's absolutely so it's it's it's a clearance just to get rid of the bull from your goal or it's an attempt to score there in the go just by having no time spice to parade in cool right right next question let's move on this is michael smith from his book and he wants to know this why do we americans know that soccer's awful yet everyone else thinks it's not professor what are the laws of physics to describe this phenomenon best i okay well let let me give you this departure think about what a organization fee is not that we've ever used the word corrupt or anything like that but we're going to need fief that come in and help us better our relations between mexico and canada come twenty twenty six so that's my physics reply to the beauty of what soccer's gonna give us in in twenty twenty six when canada us and mexico co hosting the world cup okay football soka preferences ios prefer football has the capacity to bring people together in such a wonderful way and hopefully as the professor was highlighted will do exactly that prior to the world cup in twenty twenty six that's right so take that michael you hater not vote michael austa question and michael now has an aunt so that he can choose to like oh dislike so diplomatic way i love it i mean you got gotta you gotta get this stuff when you're young right i mean you.

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