Iran, New Jersey, Martha Raddatz discussed on Sean Hannity


We've got seventy three degrees at three o'clock at afternoon. I'm Jeff McKinney. One person reported injured after a home explosion today in Richfield, New Jersey. The explosion. Level. A house on Abbott avenue in Ridgefield the person injured reported to be in stable condition. That person was pulled from the rubble by off duty police officer lives nearby PSE and G officials are on the scene amid the escalating tension with the US Iran is days away from breaking the uranium stockpile. Limit ABC's. Martha Raddatz is in Washington. She has detail. Next ten days. Iran will break the uranium stockpile limit that was set by that twenty fifteen nuclear deal with world powers. This is a first that Trump administration already withdrawn from the deal. But Iran has stayed within the limits. And of course, President Trump has warned that the US will not allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon closing arguments underway in Brooklyn federal court today for the man accused of running upstate New York, sex, cold prosecutors allege fifty eight year old Keith Rene coerced women into sexual relationships, often subjecting them to mental and physical pain after marketing his organization called Nexium as a self help group for women trial begins tomorrow for the Bronx teenager, accused of killing his classmate with a knife fight at the urban assembly school for wildlife conservation in September of two thousand seventeen ended with fifteen year old Matthew Macree dead from knife, wounds and manslaughter charges filed against eighteen year old able Sodano video of the incident. Here's to show Macree and another student attacking sedan Sodano, which is when he lashed out with a knife sedan, yo, however claims self defense and says that ever since sixth grade he'd been bullied for being gay. I'm James flippin. W O, R news. Supreme court weighing in on some big cases today. First the high court delta, partial victory to the owners of an Oregon Baker who were fine for refusing to make a same sex wedding cake, the justices throughout the lower court ruling sent the case back for more hearings. And then Democrats Virginia scored a win when the court struck down on appeal by Republicans in a racial gerrymandering case, New Jersey transit, commuters adjusting to a new schedule, and dealing with path delays.

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