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Know what you got to do. Press newman owner back. King's me king me tv family. What's going on family what's up. Yeah oh i think You know whenever floyd make a move as evidence by this weekend whenever floyd make a move it's always a way right so he made a big wave. At least in my opinion he made a big wave. When we've seen him joran covy hanging out with with joshua joshua right It was a big deal when floyd offer to Help you know a the. Even though he refused to have it that went down. It was a big deal that floyd was working with devon haney and giovanni whatever with like you know if promoters working whirl kinda gotta walk back some of my statements about not passing the torch icon of his his career. You know a soccer and the money kind of selfish but The fact that he you know maybe it's the latter part he ain't sharon bag with everybody. But he's he's definitely sharing jews with those and i if i remember correctly earl got that history of sparring with him in that infamous. You know alleged knocked down during sparring yada yada. So it's it's a great move. And i think it's way for floyd to to make a contribution to the sport and he ain't going to chance to make a bag with him shit. I mean opportunity to sit down with him and just get some jewels. You know what i'm saying. Whatever he's doing is going to help earl. You know so Yell and also makes earl you know You know degrees of separation earl becomes more marketable in that way. You know any affiliation with louis makes you marketable All the way around. And i'd say it's a lot of upside bringing more attention to that fight man You know i'm a finished listening to the rest of the show and We get out the way man me. Thanks for calling in davidian buffalo. Foles would up. Hey was good. Tbb was spiritedness.

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