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Welcome back. We'll get to the Packers and the Rams in a second. But first couple of big highlights who may have missed college football USC on a state to kill Harry. Make an insane one headed grab full extension to get this one. Oh, I did miss that. I hadn't seen that to this very second. That is a spectacular. Catch. See USC stays on the highlight tape not from a good lease not very good by the Trojans might be seeing this guy come into a stadium. New you on Sundays won the top rated. Why receivers we have coming out in the two thousand nineteen draft. Look at chew on your. They just came in Florida state three hundred pound Christian Wilkin in at tailback powers as way into the end zone with three hundred forty pound Dexter Lawrence block. Remember, where's the beef? Yeah. I do it's right during the back. I like that. I need more fat people touchdowns in my life. I like that. Now, Clemson scored a touchdown would just about anyone. They wanted to in this football game. This was an Nyalali Wilkins's always on the sideline till in dabbled handing, Nepal silent. You can see him. Always. Gimme the ball. Gimme the they. Finally, let him touch it. I white out Adam failing using the defenders helmet for a fourteen yard gain, watch it Craig kitschy. It seems like week after week one guys trying to top another guy's catches Kirk cousins throws it right at the back of his head that way, the coaches tell you to do in feeling goes up and plucks at tremendous catch guys. Having a tremendous season. Also had his eight hundred yard game last night steal not his best game of the season. After that fumble loss for an ical fumble loss by him. Go after this that that flip the game. We'll talk more about that later. But this this guy's evolution as a player as really all. I stopped. Oh my God. Finally on breaking through the middle. Hurdles the day powers into the end zone. I mean, this will play aren't So Chris watchable boat my house yesterday and he had the chiefs game somehow like a few seconds ahead of me on the eye on his ipad. I'm watching on the screen because I pay my cable all k-. Yeah. That's it. And he he stood up and started shouting before even scored they run a little option fake option pitch. And then not only the hurdle. He lays on his back leg. It was incredible. It was one of phenomenal athletic feats, watching run through those two tackles right there jump off one leg land on that leg and instill power through chiefs won the game. We'll have highlights from this game coming up. Let's move onto some Packers and the undefeated LA Rams billed as a blow out by the oddsmakers. This is anything. But let's jump ahead to the fourth. Aaron Rodgers finds Marquez vow. This can't link for the touchdown. That puts Green Bay up one later in the. Fourth Todd Gurley runs at twenty three yards down to the thirteen yard line that sets up a Greg zero line field goal. And that would put the Rams up by two little more than two minutes left for Aaron Rodgers to attempt the comeback because that's just what he does. But time Montgomery would never let that happen fumbles. The unsealing kickoff. Rams recovered a run out the clock. Aaron Rodgers cannot believe it finish the day with two hundred and eighty six yards and a touchdown Rams win twenty nine twenty seven. They improved to eight. No here is Aaron Rodgers after the loss. Very disappointing. Pleaded lose the game. But it definitely. Took away opportunity for us to go down and win..

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