Kevin Kennon, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney discussed on Red Eye Radio


Us talk about kevin kennon the show and this was in in two thousand twelve when now the day before the election we said look if obama wins one of the reasons will be the kevin can vote and we founded after that election that the majority of people agreed with the philosophy of mitt romney they agreed where he was on the issue the the vast majority was over sixty percent i believe agreed on the issues with mitt romney right and we had said that if obama wins one of the reasons is the kevin and ken vote the belief that no matter what goes on and kevin kenner to people that i know that are democrats but a really i mean they're never been on welfare always worked always been productive raised families and all that and whenever we would have economic arguments that eventually they're they're they're they're final thing to me would say okay you're right on academics there but we need a huge federal government in case it all goes to hell right and there is that belief there there is a belief part of the trump belief for example on tariffs is well democrats a democrat president can't manipulate the economy into success republican can one on either ken neither can the whole point is for them to get out of the way you know not to but there is growing belief that the government can manipulate the economy to be successful democrats think that a growing number of republicans think that luckily not the majority of republicans yet i don't believe but it's still growing but they can but there is this thing that the government can always be the security blanket no matter what because if you didn't think that way and we don't think that way that's why we're against debt because we understand how it will when you talk about the government debt how will eventually seriously hamper future growth and the quality of life for future generations because we understand that government and we don't hope or think or project out that well okay but we hope they can save us 'cause we know that stupid we don't live in a fairy tale world were supposed to be adults right and look at reality and sometimes reality is tough but we have a significant portion of people that just say no government can save a government can save us government can save us government can save us and they can't.

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