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Dropped when she added an issue. Because to me this was the first time the first actual purely negative emotional thing. I still felt like that was coming from a place of anger last week. So i still emerged but everything he makes from. That has some strategic. I think this one has your strategic game was actively against your own game and was emotional like last time she flips like. She was an adjustment and a bad situation at the time. Like it wasn't a great situation to flip. It was better than being on the border with our and having nowhere to play and there was actually like bid this time i just could not understand why she on an esu. Well i i really wonder if there is something about the fact that they aren't necessarily together. I think what. I've sort of wrapped my reiner mine around tried to in this episode is that we thought okay there are there are nephew and centenary here as the double agents but i think what we actually have is something i wanted to say. Unique to at least twenty years of survivor. I've watched which are too independently minded free agents in this game and that. It's not necessarily like the wu. Tony we're gonna flip back and forth every vote together. It's not an incident sunset seemingly checking in with each other to figuring out which way they want to vote. It seems like the story were being told that these are two people who feel like they're already on the bottom of this buna majority which we will certainly talk about as well. I think this episode is by far the maybe the most straightforward one. We had besides kion episode. But at least. I think he did a good job of at least setting up. What's to come next. And it seems like they both have their own resentments with their place in the current totem pole. But it doesn't necessarily seem like they're working together it seems like zomba's we're trying to put an almost double the work of currying favor of both of them to possibly sway them over. That's going to be really unique again. It could all change next week that these two are going to be the ones to really be the fulcrum. And the lisa welsh michael scoop and go back and forth each and every vote right now it really does seem like they're not working in tandem. Which is one reason. Why i think seni who seemed to be a bit jealous of the way that the zomba's sort of welcomed nestle back with open arms was like okay. No no let me pull the pull up the wall that was pulled over. Everyone's is she is not working with you but also this seemed to care about that anyway. I think that's a great point miami. We haven't really seen any sort of strategic compensation between nineteen the whole time so it really seems like they're all pretty independently not gonna makes me think that loss week voice will also independent and.

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