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Unbelievable. I've been quite innocent this weekend. Long. We've had mostly Connor to deal with my fashion output. As we continue in this race is Ruben play leading from only Horner and Charlie Huntingford movement Bray. We'll get increased bumper points, I suppose, for being in the lead as opposed to second. And third, as you say, pray will be all about taking as many points, z Cantu horn. But that incident into the first corner Braehead got the run on months and and he did look likely to take the position or at least challenge him into the. I don't know if Munson was unsighted or whether they make contact with hard to see from this angle, but Munson was down e backup unease running around. Now back in the midfield at the lower end of the top ten. And it's been Bray, ten seconds ahead of all your no finds asked got so far. Johnny hunting in third had of hamming mcconnahey and Samuel moments, and to fight is the on this season. They've had some brilliant scraps over the season, and this is learning to be yet another one of them, but there's not an awful long time in this race left ago, two and a half laps to even brain leading, but can single Munson law, many points back Charlie hunting foot in third place, water, good, right. That is yet again, outta podium yesterday in rights, warnings on cost. Another one hand, he's in very, very well. He's miles clear Levy on fourth place. At the moment, looks to me like Kenya, McCartney Samuel months, and John get round him fourth and fifth, SMU months, Eze Cetinje science on potential Poggioli. I don't think he's done quite close enough. Put onto put jumping around with joy, opposite outcome position, Saudis si- well, Charlie buried himself under the Fareed under the screen to do. Anthony, we've got to the guy. Remember leads twelve seconds that gap. They're increasing it by seconds, allowed thought. He's a very large amounts to increase it even in the AC forty rookies only on a second ahead of Charlie Huntingford McCartney's now only three tenths ahead among San, but we got Blake Wilson, wallet Brady only seems fin and wearing William. Harry's talked ten on that sorta geigo sick through two tenths of a by about a second or nice turning out to be a real fantastic Paso right at the end of this as you as you say that battle in the midfield has been developing all race, and I don't think it'll stop until the finish, but we all coming up to the end. Now on Ruben Bray has just dominated this end of the race. Rueben Brian has been absolutely superb here today yet. Again, another way obey for young Ruben bri- he as one of the youngest as well. Ease one of the youngest immunised classy Acteal hopefully will be around for next year. He'd be such a shame not to have him back. He's going to be a future storm. I'm sure just as he Samuel Munson, but Reuben break turn, seven. We're on the last lap. Sir, that out to turn eight. The flick left now into the right hook, you background to the to the end of this lap the foreign rice. When the faulty rookies jumping ship Ruben, bright takes victory here at such a show. Second-place. We'll be only Horner not just on the road, but also in the championship. Third place should be Charlie Huntingford. We're waiting on him to come through. I can see non going mad only horn of his second jolly hunting for this. He gonna come through, yes as third place and not up DM. So Charlie hunting Sykes. Owed much to the delight of dot Samuel Munson as four ahead of heading Madani Blake, Wilson, radiology, SIMS, Fain Anwar itsy and William Harris, your top ten. But you final AC forty rookies win all the. We of the weekend of the day of the entire cool five thousand eighteen year in this class. Ruben Bri all the hold on a second. Charlie hunting a well earned. A hard earned and much deserve said what a great result they're full. They've been pray. A great win has shame. Samuel Munson was only in full place in the end was dead on cost for the victory right in the middle until I open my mouth. Unfortunately, we've been brave the winter ahead of all you Horner and Charlie Huntingford nine is your podium Samuel Munson in full place and none of bad way to end your tied to winning campaign Henry McCartney in fifth place..

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