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Let's get back to the tennis. For a bit, let's talk about Diane parry, David. Tennis is best brackets and only possibly Diane. Yeah, who has a glorious extravagant single handed backhand which couldn't hit a barn door in the first set. It certainly couldn't do any damage to Barbara critique of her. And then it did. How many people do you think said that today? Diane Perry's got a great backhand. Pretty much saying exactly those words. Really? That's interesting. See, I was watching where I commentary boxes and I did the whole of that match. For BBC Radio and as is right under the roof under the retractable roof. So you're a long way away. I mean, we have a monitor but you don't really look at, I don't look at the monitor unless it's for replays and stuff. So I'm looking down on the court and trying to assess what the back end really looks like up close is a little bit difficult. But when she was when she does the full take back and follow through, it looks so natural. It doesn't look like there's no hitch in it or anything like that. It's just this flourish. And you're thinking, wow, it's like watching him out of something. And it's amazing that it's so natural because I heard her say that she only switched to it 5 or 6 years ago. Really? She had a double hander and she said she switched it sounded to me like she switched to the single hand purely for aesthetic reasons and love reasons respect that a lot. Yeah, I love that. That is what I like most about the one handed backhand and it comes through in the way she hits it. It's such a great stroke. That is a 100% my approach to tennis is this, is this the most aesthetically pleasing shot that will make me feel very, very proud of myself, yes. Is it the best way to win the point? No, do I care? No. I don't think the French crowd cared either, although they did enjoy the win as well. A win over the defending champion bob Bora couche of a shock, but not a surprise. Yeah. Look, it was a surprise based on the fact that Matt and I both thought Diane Perry was going to be rubbish. And for sure. We were going on her recent results, which definitely suggest rubbish Ness. Yes, I agree. It was really a question of whether Diane parry was good enough to beat critique of it. You know, I think we all felt like he was going to lose probably quite early for his tournament because she hasn't played since February. But I just didn't think it would be Diane parry who would be good enough to beat her. And to be fair, she led by a set and a break did critique of her and then. She stuck in for a few games, broke back and kept it close. And then really started to get inspired, the crowd really became invested in her because for the first set, it was just awkward. It was just, you know, you've got a pack crowd in here. And they're all desperate for you to do well. And she couldn't play. She was just paralyzed. It said, it looked like out there. You wanted it just to finish this quickly as possible on one hand. And then suddenly she started to make a match of it. And the crowd, you know, they loved that back and they love all of Paul of the story the 19 year old, you know, that they haven't seen before. They get so behind the French players here. It's something that I just didn't expect to see quite as much as that. And then, but the game of critique of it. Some of her misses, I haven't seen a player miss that much, like by that margin in a professional match before. She was missing cross court backhands and missing the other tram line, a lot of the time. Was she rusty David or was she unfit to play? I felt rusty, really. I mean, I didn't hear her speak. So I don't know whether she was feeling pain. I felt she ran out of gas as well. In the third set, I think inevitably there was fatigue, but it was hard to believe some of the messes in rally, just in regulation rally. She just put one an almost hit the line judges at the back of the court. First time it defending champion is lost in the opening round since this isn't the dazzling start you think it's going to be, you lane roster Panko all right. 2018. I picked to lose tomorrow. So yes, David, you didn't take the plunge and go for Dan Paris. He didn't get the damn parry points. You got to consolation though from Corinth and mute. Thank you for that. He beat former champion Stan Stan Wawrinka to bring home the David David and Darwin bacon. Go on Darwin. We went over to long Len to watch you better that. We gambled on whether we would get a generous security man that would let us in for the tie break. In the third set and we got there and someone asked the question, can we come in? No. So we stood in the gangway for the first 6 points and then he let us in at 5 one in the tiebreak when they changed and so and then the first two points we saw were mute being mute on the first one. He came up with a grunt that was some of the clearest hindrance you could imagine. It was a grant in several stages and one of the stages was as Wawrinka was hitting the ball. None of the stages were as mute was hitting the ball. Yeah. Honestly, it was laughable, and he did it for one point, one very long rally. Every shot. I mean, honestly, laughable people were chuckling in the crowd..

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