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Help those in the community to avoid potential scams. Encourage people if you want to donate, be very careful about how you're doing that. I would stare you to the Red Cross. Obviously, Talita County is managing. That is well. The governor, making his comments at a press conference at noon in high school, which suffered extensive damage, schools and the county remain closed today. One man died at during an M medical emergency that he suffered during the storm and emergency crews couldn't get to him. Now, of course, five people were killed in Alabama in that same storm system that left tornadoes skipping across the Birmingham region on Thursday evening, Jackson E. M. C is helping with power restoration efforts in that area. Couple of contractor crews will assist personnel from Alabama Power Wdun News Time. 805 Games fills City school system has named Joy Griffin to It's no position of director of marketing, communications and public relations. She'll start her new job, April 1st exciting opportunity to be a part of that big red family. I always have been, but it's going to be exciting for that to be part of my career. A Griffin, who previously served as president of the United Way, and his chief administrator with Carol Daniel, Construction is against Phil native. She's a Gainesville high school alumna. Hall County schools will be switching up learning plans for May. 14th and students will not be on campus that day. Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Kevin Bales says there's a reason for that proposal would be for the state to be a makeup day from home for students. This is also the day that we will have graduations taking place across our district. Those graduations are taking place in each high school campus, so the school district wants to minimize traffic in all school clusters that day, so everybody from elementary to high school will learn from home. There's more news and access Wdun. Thank you much BJ appreciate that information, and we've got more to come back to the roadways. We've already made news with that this morning. We'll see if there any other issues out there that you need to be aware of. As you make the drive. Also, we'll take a look at how things are shaping up as far as your forecast is concerned right now. Pretty nice, although getting a little bit cooler, especially as we head toward mid week and into the Easter weekend. It is normal. We got to get to Easter before things kind of settle in. We kind of got spoiled some of those warmer temperatures last week and now we're seeing things again this morning in some areas in the mid thirties. Start out the day where I woke up the other morning was 59 degrees, when we started out, goodness, grief, all right, we'll take a look at that as we continue this news brought to you in part by Oakwood tire and more also by Hardy Chevrolet in Dawsonville Metal products. Wdun time. Seven after eight in North Georgia's news talk What's the Hardy Chevrolet? Different? It's a young couple expecting a new child needing a bigger car. It's that same couple almost 20 years later, buying that child their first car for graduation and then.

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