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The glaciers and hit a 10 rows deep into the bleachers. 11 to 11 in the ninth inning Amazing off of rice selling glaciers. This was May 3rd 2019 Giant Show the Reds eight. Nothing after 3 10 to 3 after six innings, by the way, Fangraphs at that point Had the Reds is a 99% chance of victory. Amazing which I never understand that baseball like this is what defensive indifference is not indifferent to me. You could be up 10 runs or seven runs. Or, however many runs it is and you go. Yes, we're just gonna let him take second base because the run doesn't mean anything. It might The run might mean something. You can come back. There's no clock. It's not well, you're done eight and there's a minute and a half on the clock, so this thing is over. No, that's not how it works. You got to get the out. You got through the pitches anyway, this giants come back in on May, 3rd 2019 matched the largest comeback in franchise history when they came back from eight runs in 1949. They did it in 1970 twice, and they did it in 1989. Stephen Vogt ties the game with that solo home run in the ninth inning and get this in this ballgame. Stephen Vogt, never. Longoria, the first Giants since Barry Bonds and Jeff can in 1998 to hit a game tying home run went down to their final out in the ninth and then to hit a go ahead or game winning home run in extra innings. Which means you've got that for you, too. Here's Evan Longoria's Go ahead home run in the 10th. Here's a swing and a high drive by Longoria down the left field line toward the corner. This one is gone. And it's 11. 11. No longer Evan Longoria takes huge deep..

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