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So speaking natural would you guys are dentist i would have come down just a hang out all do you had your party but also i could've come down friday night should of fog early bums now anyway uh but his greatness doesn't take the nine off their anez let's keep gone soaks up to keep gone r are yeah he's a he's a camel steal his grow right now davidenko companies gotta dick on on these pretty funny he's got a hand models zulehner but he's got a dick i have that same coat with us is dick goes on for days don't know much get her their she's gorgeous kitchen affair with a look at our waco backdoor whoever's i go back first bill clinton i got a story about that yeah look at her looking are for second just take that in for a second was story bro i'm just looking at least pence them because it's a free country it's a free country that is because it's a precondition other dudes in the room free country uh oh the marion to go don't don't you want the male off my mailbox drop it round back as we hear beyond the closeddoor when bray drop all packages around the backdrop it round back mailman yeah you know that she went down you know that she went on kabul i bet he has a bit bill clinton has the best dick game you've ever seen i've read stories about him by his by the sheriff's deputies that would escort him to hotel rooms to have sex with you know his girls aside pieces and no judgment on that and he would eat they said they said he had such enormous homicides first of all the guy literally only needs about four hours of sleep a night tom chance with when he would eat and apple they said you'd watch him even apple sexy and he would eat an apple and he deep the the core and the seeds and stella ceyrac it just didn't yeah he was like he just ate at all after you up poor how to handle is gonna couve coupes and who's just yeah hook up with all the everybody said that mother fokker's intellect had a formidable ian for like a uh brilliant by brilliant and now for male beyond i admired a formidable producer on my show day goodwin said he was at this the and you know he's been tv so.

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