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Welcome back to the odor Lab, the longest running automotive show in New York City history. That's really, really well this. That's what I've been told on DH that we're here. I'm Mike Ford Shelly Here with David Goldsmith from Urban Classics in Brooklyn, Jerry and Johann appear story from D N. J Diagnostics and Seafood. And we also have Peyton Knight from somewhere in New Jersey Nights Automotive and that's ledge would write. Edgewood, New Jersey, Heard about about 35 Miles west of New York City, where the Bears are okay. Yeah, we got our eye away the other day started and Jeff from New York transmission out there in college point. Okay. And then we have already senior European correspondent Robert Erskine. Direct from The pod's suffocate in England somewhere happening with Suffolk, England before we get to rob. It's very interesting report today. I just want to remind the listeners give us your questions at 8886927234. That's 8886927234. We can help you with any automotive questions you have on your mind. Or you can email us at auto live radio at gmail dot com. Lab radio at gmail dot com and I will be watching the e mails to see if anybody Wants to contact this that way. Right. But right now, as promised Is Robert Erskine with this week's amazing report from the other side of the pond. Well, a very warm welcome to you from a lovely sunny, crisp, beautiful blue sky, Suffolk, England on DH. I hope the sun shines over the United States to very shortly at this very exciting and intriguing time but will leave all of that for one moment so you can have a nice relaxing diversion from all the excitement. I will jump straight into a different, exciting picture Mike this mauling and that is we're talking about a gentleman who's catch line became world famous, and that is bombed. James.

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