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I could go on listening to this all day just so that jam you would know someone out there feels differently it's time though for kevin's pop quiz between five and fifteen points possible for each of the following three questions and once the final scores tabulated we'll be posted on our website along with the current standing among the top one hundred are you ready while can i ask one really a quick question aerial question that is looking for it when you guys shot a few good man did jim me a lot of real military people while you're a shooting where you on a location that was an actual face were at the scene where we went to talk with uh jack nicholson's character is supposed to be guantanamo bay we wanted to shoot a guantanamo bay the director roadrunner had sent the script to the marines at guantanamo bay whoever runs that base and worst told you may uh you are the curley marine colonel you've depicting in the film is turns out to be a lunatic spoiler the 25 years old december this mode so we're not going to help so we had to shoot down in long beach and everything was mehta there were no renounce haircut thank you that was not one of the questions that i'm about to ask you questioned one semi davis jr nb davis an way at once the context who do i like more there's no gunter.

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