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To buffalo pass over to wheeler was tipped by johannesen but we they're ultimately got it thanks for buffalo in return to wheeler right half board wheeler the buffalo in buffalo looking returns to wheeler they have staff stop by all not stansky was all alone there rename as the stop all the press got a little sidetracked with everything that was going on between wheeler up to buffalo and back to wheeler up to johnson working hard to keep in those shot lanes eventually that pass just goes through look like a sprawling ryan said got under him somehow made it to stathis desi with quick punch towards the met with a stick and rename the fantastic look i can covered up the five holders last second so washington the bondage benigno ancestors nacchio's pull back to ban and try to rip around the wall succeeded in so doing line could not hold that in at the point nicked up by dustin buffalo starting it up with a minute twenty six remaining in the penalty predators lead the game one nothing rockies bank at the left point he winds over grew wheeler on the right board snappy comes from behind the net to accept at the blue line wheeler in the right circle back to buffalo he blasted that one was blocked by benigno menino comes back over to attack wheeler out of buffalo and again now wanted a blast and rene juggled it for a moment but holds it against the chest fifty seven seconds left on the austin watson penalty that's a gutsy block from nick bonino on the bubbling onetimer he's way out and benino is halfway between him and the net that's a scary one to block he gets it with escape then it goes up and over buffalo and down the line line lets it rip it great anticipation rebecca to come across slide and cut down the angle had a little trouble squeezing it in the glove but made a fantastic saving no rebound to.

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