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Respo- Duran on the Edens spur we're still seeing some heavy. Delays both directions between the spur toll plaza in the Edens mainline and. This is all, because of new construction takes. The road down to just. One, lane both. Directions through the, end. Of twenty nine thousand nine on the Edens mainline traffic. Is moving along nicely nineteen minutes. Lake cook into the Kennedy and back out the Kennedy inbound thirty three minutes. From O'Hare twenty on the drive in from the Edens both in the local and the. Express lanes outbound tend to Montrose twenty five out to O'Hare is now forty. Seven minutes from route three ninety twenty four Mannheim no outbound delays Stevenson Down, thirty five minutes three fifty five to lakeshore drive twenty-five in from the tri-state no outbound delays. On the Stevenson report the Dan Ryan, inbound slow, before seventy to. Fifty ninth earlier wood debris is now clear there it's twenty nine minutes from ninety fifth into downtown with the outbound side okay I fifty seven in, the Bishop Ford both delay-free. Both directions lake shore drive, northbound heavy from eighteenth to Jackson southbound is okay on the drive the Tri northbound delays from two ninety. To about moral southbound heavy from before the Jane Addams the Bentonville bridge on. The Jane Addams tollway you're looking great Reagan told AL clear three fifty five northbound slow, eight north avenue southbound heavy north avenue to Butterfield in the ongoing work zones route fifty three is okay I, eighty delay free both east and westbound through Joliet in northwest Indiana eighty ninety four and I sixty five are looking at the Indiana toll road, eastbound reported a semi fire blocking at least one lane before you get onto I sixty five and what condo northbound US twelve the right lane is blocked still north of Bonner as because an, earlier vehicle fires had all lanes blocked for a while but now they've got, one they'd open and traffic is getting by their whenever you're heading up he sure to check first interactive traffic. Napa WBZ NewsRadio dot com or on the radio dot com app get traffic and weather together on the eighth every. Ten minutes on. News Radio seventy five point nine FM WBZ AccuWeather four this afternoon sunshine. Building clouds just an isolated thunder shower high reaching eighty one degrees seventy s right along the lakefront partly to mostly cloudy tonight I'll be more than a. Stray shower at low sixty five tomorrow and again on Wednesday mixed, clouds and sunshine a little bit more humid can't rely shower thunderstorm. Either day high seventy. Eight tomorrow up to eighty two on Wednesday right now it's mostly sunny humidity of sixty five percent southeast wind at six seventy three at O'Hare seventy two midway and the lakefront Seventy-three in oakbrook immaculate meteorologist Brett Anderson Chicago's weather. Station News Radio seven hundred one zero five point. Nine FM market check the Dow down twelve s&p down six NASDAQ down sixty five news time nine forty most sports.

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