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Ardi bravely stood up for writer. Kater Gordon after she made claims that her boss, Matthew whiner Astor to remove her clothes while working on madman. She said the experience of supporting Gordon was terrifying. She talked about the experience of supporting cater. Oh, that that's interesting, because very few people ask about the experience of it. You know, it was to be to be perfectly honest. I had spoken other people around the show and said, I wonder if stuff is gonna come out because it was a environment where jokes and things like that were thrown around, quote, unquote jokes in an environment where we also didn't have any job security and were often told we weren't, you know, good enough at our jobs. But in the next breath, we were indispensable. So it was that kind of thing where you never felt secure and you have to remember, we were on the hottest show on television. We were the white hot center and and people at cater had no sense of job security. This was her first big job and she, you know, one of the jobs I had on a regular basis was talking to these young women about like, you can leave like, you can leave if this is too much for you. If this felt like. A kind of hazing, and then when you add a sexual component on top of it, even if it's quote unquote joking, you know, I know for instance, the cater brought up that particular instance, because it was it was illegal what he said. You know. So I knew that it was more than likely that he said exactly what you report, and she was not the kind of person to to put this out there lately. And I knew that the atmosphere was one where p where the women in particular felt very insecure and that that was part of the culture. But I, I was tortured because, you know, I admire, Matt, I I, you know, I struggled with whether to stay there not because there was so much good that also, you know, you had to constantly like outweigh, but it was that thing of like this, this you're working with someone who is so unregulated and you don't know what to take seriously and whatnot to take seriously. So. I felt after I just felt like, look, she's hanging out there with her house, you know, hang out all by herself, and there's a lot of whispering about who cast the stature tobacco up, you know, and and on top of it, he started to attack her talent while he was doing a book tour, and that was the deciding moment publicly. Oh yeah. And I and I was like, you know what? He never attacked her talent ever until you know he, he was no longer interested in working with her. So you know, I waited all out and I kind of ultimate. I was like, what I want to tell my kids, I did, you know? And it was very detrimental to some of my relationships because we all run in the same circles, but I didn't want to be the kind of person who talks about being brave. Any circumstances in the BIA fucking loser. I think one thing entertainment doesn't really get enough credit for is that when you let people enjoy experience when they you when you disarm them and they're laughing and delighted, you can kind of in the same way where I feed my dogs of, you know, Pil with, you know, stuck inside cream cheese. Yes, exactly. You know it can be an agent of change. Yeah, that not nobody really talks about. Yeah, I think that's probably the most subversive way of of, you know, of making change because it's not overt, and they're such a large scale, you're able to do it on and you can kind of like it's kind of the enzyme for the learnings in a way ends. I just, you know, I and it's also responsibility. Well, what do you consider that responsibly?.

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