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Is free talk. Live number six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty six three two eight six one six zero. You can bring up anything that you want here with you in the studio tonight. It's and mark for a long time. Libertarians have been wanting they finally have in liberty you. It is a libertarian business directory. But also it's more than that. You can also list your event that you might be organizing or promoting. You can list any digital content. You're the creator of in of course your businesses that you're involved in if you want other freedom lovers to know and be your customers you know then you gotta be listed liberty dot menu. You can put your voluntary ideas into action now. It is exclusively for individuals who reject the initiation of force. So if you are a socialist or some sort of right wing conservative. You probably don't belong at liberty menu but if you're a liberty minded person and check it out liberty dot menu. We think you're gonna like it. You can use code f. t. l. like free talk live to get a special free talk live listener badge on your profile. We can't discount because the sites free it's liberty dot menu. We go to your calls and thoughts with dana on the line in michigan dana. You're on free talk live hi. I just wanted to say well come and go flat. Your past I also wanted to say they had You may not realize that by You are the rush. Limbaugh of Libertarian radio mark edge. Are you saying mark. Welcome back. Mark your rush. Limbaugh that what you meant to say. Why because i disagree with you most of the time. I said andy's adjourn. I haven't gone anywhere so it couldn't have been made to go. But you ever been on saturday and sunday night. Not sunday's haven't heard you in weeks. In fact i gotta be honest. I check in every saturday and sunday. No disrespect any other unnamed. People but i i go to something else because not even urine e and. I haven't heard june a long time. I don't mind you e. n. In the fast that You know I you know we can disagree. And i don't have a problem with that. I want you guys to realize something that Just like rush. Well none of us would be there. Were only two hundred radio stations. When he first started thirty years ago now there are thousands of their way. More than two hundred radio stations. That did talk radio. Yeah yeah and he is He's been credited for a podcast they wouldn't have was one of the early one nine nine two. No you didn't know day. You have hold on before you and i appreciate the kind words but let's let's clarify one thing. Dana is getting to that is absolutely true. We benefit from the world rush. Limbaugh helped create. Yeah that's fine. And i gave him credit for that earlier on the show tonight But to give rush limbaugh credit for podcasting is inaccurate. Rush limbaugh not there at the beginning of podcasting were he was a paid podcast when we were free In the very early days he came out with a very early podcast yes. I don't think so. Because i know is also a bad and maybe a but nonetheless you know he was one of the front runners paid thing is a podcast a podcast. Rss feed that gives automatic delivery to subscribers so look just because the dude had archives on. His website doesn't mean he was a podcast. Or i'm sorry okay. Okay so tonight. I just the definition can tonight. You know not gonna get into semantics with you. I just want you to know. And no. And i don't mean just mark u2 e and. I told you guys before. You're the yang and yang with you. Doing you know any of the others that fill in for the show or not in whatever you call them. ian is not the same as with you and mars. Whatever that it is that russia had you guys have that and people think radio is a piece of cake to do something for an hour. Two hours much less three hours. You guys are like rush is not is very would be less interesting without our wonderful collars. Thank you dana for the call tonight. I do know what the words the what what it that she's referring to like. Because this is what the consultants say too is. There's some magic that goes on between us. It's the seething simmering hate that i hold for. You the disdain for your crappy opinion but drag is on the line listening in new mexico padraig. You're on free talk. Live allowing wouldn't be listening to you guys. If it wasn't for paul harvey giving away my age. I just wanted to hear the rest of the story. I wanna know. I wanna know what ails network was before she became a congresswoman. What nancy pelosi network was before she became a senator. Now what joe biden to network before he became a senator and what it is now. Where do they. Where do they get their money. Special insider deals with their cronies. Okay and they get the votes by doing what our tax dollars around a drag but you mentioned all democrats but the republicans do the same thing. So let's just be okay. Yeah ok ted cruz. You can go there all the things. It's you want and your left hand cut off or the right cut off. You know that you have your choice. But i just want to know where to get the money from. Oh well it's the old story i mean. Get it from people who are gullible enough to believe that governments a ghetto that functions. Today a good idea. We can't live without this. They get a fraction of their money from the people that are gullible people they really get money from the corporations who know exactly what bill gullible people okay. But they're getting money from the He was talking about how the politicians get money. They get donations and they get straight up handouts from who want to use them to pass. Whatever laws are going to benefit those corporations and it's the same old stories. It's been from time immemorial so. I mean before there were corporations. There are still special interests since government of of the lobbyists by the corporations for the politics and that's gonna change until washington. Dc has done away with and then the same craps going to happen at your state government and still does it does happen. You're state government is just at least then. You know where those guys live. Just i just wanted to know how to stop it. How do we stop that flow of money to them. Because that's what they power. Okay so if you want to stop the flow of money to the politicians one thing you can't do is you. Can't stop them from printing money out and they're gonna keep that printing press role as hard and as fast as they. Can the money printers go constantly here in two thousand and twenty one and beyond their. That's their plan. So here's what you do to stop that you can only stop it yourself. You can't stop these people from making their deals and scratching their backs and rolling their logs. Or whatever it is they're doing in dc or your state catholic can't stop for cannot support. That will never stop. It doesn't matter who you it doesn't matter who you vote for okay but what you can do is you can vote with your money by purchasing things that are not dollars with your dollars that could hold their value like precious metals or crypto currency. And these are things precious metals of course have thousands of years of being you know used his money and valuable and they've done a really good job overtime at sort of holding up against inflation. Keeping you up against The government's inflation. So.

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