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Like I feel like it gets more creative. Right? So they'll just be like get yourself, you know, a Vikings fan, you know, they'll never get a ring. They'll never want to commit like that kind of like kind of like cheesy stuff and then like you go to New York or whatever and they're like eat crap and die like that that's very and so there's no creativity in just a few like that's not creative at all now, honestly, I New York need to step up but you know what New York is not known for that New York is for like hey, like we're just going to tell you that we want you to fall down a flight of stairs and that's it like that. That's what it's going to be some. What is your prediction for the Green Bay Packers this year. What do you expect from that your team in 2020? I expect a team a better team to actually be on the field than they were last year. But with a worse record, I think last year, you know thirteen and three lafleur's first season still falling back on a lot of McCarthy ask of the Playbook right? Because they only had like, you know an offseason to really implement it, you know, even for him to take control of his team. I think that coming into year to where the defense was great last year in some area. Obviously there was not the run defense but the defense definitely improved the Smith Brothers changed, you know our pass rush he was and they were amazing and then you have a guy like rashan Gary who Packers fans called a bust all throughout last year cuz he barely played even though we just drafted him. I think he is going to destroy this year because he's going to give him a lot more opportunities, you know, and you know, the thing is he's versatile so you can move them around the field and I think that I'm really expecting a lot from our defense job. And some of our younger guys to step up, you know, and and I'm really looking forward to that Savage taking his second term. Rashan Gary has been dominating and training camp from what I've heard that true. Yes, he has and like you know what thought too because like he would post workout videos during like the combine. I'm like Instagram and Twitter and I'm like, oh like that's scary like, okay like he has like gotten in like amazing shape I go he's going to hurt somebody. So yeah, I'm really looking forward to the defense and I think with you know Rogers it would have been nice to get another weapon..

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