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Foreman made a comeback. But Mike Mike Is. Mike is up there. Mike is Mike is up there so so powerful pound when you look at Fighters in all spectrum so in a wrestling show always fucking when we talk about everything talking about everything especially when it comes to the hangs happy hour POW POW who was probably either an a or in boxing. Everybody says apples and oranges. It's but still papa pal fighting fires just fighters fighting like this if you like to do the top to be bad as motherfucking boxing. MMA who would you put in boxing That's that's a hard one. I have to put Mike up there. Mike is definitely one bad bad motherfuckers. Yeah a close second. Is Roberto Durant who. That's a good one. That's a good. When the second is a lot of people never ever sleep on durant all they they always give him shit because of sugar? That's going on so he destroyed. Leonard I fight right destroyed him and people don't ever have a bucket picador ever remember that because it's because no masters famous you know he'd straight he turns away from him and he says he says no moss but we'll all remember no moss and and not because I'm pro is micky ward. Micky Ward is one of my favorites. You know he's he was behind. Tyson Micky Ward. Probably my second favorite boxer in that left took to the body. You know what I mean like. He was A. That's a bad mother you know. Let Talk to the buggy like and it put dude people hit to the body all the time but he put like people like Oh my God I gotta get the go-to opposite to our definitely have got he got. He was in fucked. Anybody I know I know I mean well I mean this guy. In the first two or three rounds that people was like all he's in Ward beat him the first of the first fight. He'd be knocked them that he did not them down with a left hook to the body you know and a WHO Shit whose cat his name is GonNa Kill my buddy. Mike is in a fucking Britain. Who is WHO's the unanswered? Hbo Boxing Oh aw Damnit Shit Oh my God. We're we're assholes. Yeah exactly I just anyway. You'll you'll find it you'll find it but war was God who was in fights we with Tottenham lympne Julia. Joe Jim Lampley Jim. Lampley right goes towards money as he comes out and he's just like it's and it's and he's inching toward retirement. You know what I mean. He's with the left hook to the body right. You know. It's his money money shot. Obviously it's Congress left you know The overhand right by Ramp Hendro overhand right Mike was left hook with the straight right. You know had a famous like punch Oh Yeah Yeah. The Roy Jones you had the sweep he had his fucking on sweep sweep. EPA another bad motherfucker a bad mother in MMA MMA Chuck Chuck Odell. Tito Tito Tito. It was a bad motherfucker steep of course these steep steep as bad as we speak about the St pay his last fight he had with uh-huh beautiful I say. No he said you know and good the sign. Oh He's a man he was just like my hair's astounding because like seriously like the last Y- the Joe Rogan go ooh body. I don't know if you noticed I I usually don't facebook and I said that that is probably the best adjustment I've ever seen it any fight in the history unfounded. He found the opening. They went to the court he was down for a a lot of judges would have had them in the first three rounds. If it went to decision you know he'd lost Utah. Yeah I think he would have lost my decision. Yeah but when they I went to the corner I don't know if they quarter the Mike but there was that talk about listen. He's doing something he's you. He's dropping look at it and get it and once you hit okay. I'm hit him in the once. You goes down and once they saw that one was like it was a wrap around and I said and I was at work. I was at work watching. I'M GONNA fucking phone watching so only shitty fucking busted his ass. I didn't know what was going to do that to him so glad I'm so oh glad that he won again against me too. I'm so glad that he He got his revenge one. Because I don't want to call that the fight he would call me a fluke. The call me a bitch and Moan. I'd really disliked. Cormet did this last year. He Bitch and Moan about how John Jones pokes people on the I. If you see the the fight beforehand we. We won the heavyweight title Steepest is closed and he hits him with the hook and he drops them. You can't see you fucking is like yeah. Sure I'll continue Tinubu like a like a like a like an idiot every everybody would do right. Yeah and he can't see drops him in one round. Plus he fought Gano a couple of months before it was dropped. Still one on Boone's dropped so in his chin was tested and you know it broke his chin like he had a year to recover. Shin was was backward. NEEDS TO BE TOOK A. He ate a lot of shots. I was getting getting really worried. But once he made that adjustment. And you could hear the smacks. Yeah I mean it would Max on his legitimately a moment in time and I said Tame I wish it because I fell in the corner. It's just like what I like about. MMA is or at least the structure is a lot like a school. Boxing is structured. It's a box literally a box. It's you know when somebody's down there down you go down to Whitney or down right in. MMA like if if you're curled up in a ball you know it's just like the fights over your co them in ball like I'm currently the foot in school like the most people you just pray that the teacher the principal reference to fight is over. You're right the wherever's beating you up one fight you know what I mean unless it's like a miracle where you get up you know what I mean. But when you're like this you know Brooklyn when he was a when his asked. You Ain't gotta ask it by CAIN Velasquez Right. He was covering up in. His face was BLAZEK. Lisa broke you lost the fight like you know he beat you up. He beat you up steep be up eventually. Yeah she ate up Daniel. I said there's a lot a lot of there's a lot of times when people don't understand the science of what it is to be in a fight because that's what everybody thinks fights like fucking especially Mayo boxing as I got him a job with the one hitter quitter and that say no there is a method to this fucking Especially when you you're you're going to the toll. What a man who knows? What the fuck do win Conor McGregor when you first chess is just moon when connor I jumped on the scene? Connor was smoking dudes around smoking. Unlike and not just not just like one hit us like all right I set you up. Boom boom boom He's not going to. I know what I'm doing. He's his hands it down. I'M GONNA knock them out and write doc them out right now. BOP BOP BOP because usually in fights you wanNA break the body now because you wanNA drop the fighter's hands down whereas in that fight. Will he also kicks Connors. Excellent with kick in the body right you know but when it comes to fight his everything is like it's either. You're going to grapple wrestle or you're gonNA find whatever and usually three invites you wanNA break down. Somebody's so that they can bring out so you could knock out well. Yeah well you know he had to do it late. In you know the the forefront is late to do that as st pack found such fucking and you saw the grimace and pain and and communists face it was Oh shit. I've never seen that before. That was we that was like a weird fucking a transition for me. He's got another fight in him. It's like a fight or two if he wins next fight I noticed bobby is talking about the baddest motherfucker should or not even weird but a bad motherfucker. Chuck this we said. We said that we talk about how about wrestling and impartial. Yeah Yeah Dad does so many stories about that Roddy Piper Bruiser Brody Odi output hockey players know brock listener dear career. Chris Jericho he's fearless. Yeah Yeah yeah he he. He'll he'll go against soon he'll go to even the biggest fucking guys Booker T. book is He's another one. Bad motherfucker Who Shit Ages? Van Damme Arby's another one who's fearless. He's a he's a guy who doesn't care and we we hold on a minute. Wait wait wait hold on right right. That's what it was the hand. I thought it was the opposite Williams. Pick a hand Kevin Nash well to me. Yeah to to me how it correlates whoops. I'm sorry did it on bring a bad memory. He he he's a man who had who knows how to use polly race but another bad motherfucker Harley race walking around with a thirty eight or four it. I always tell the story of when I met raise highly race. He was already in a wheelchair. And he's doing this on and shook his hand and it was like a vise grip. Hey a sixty Manley all she gave you the whole fucking damn. Oh my God is GonNa kill me right in a wheelchair. I didn't know wheelchair guarantee has dirty thirty eight under Terry Gordy Terry Terry Terry Gordy rest his soul. Yeah Terry Gordy is another one. Yeah you know. What's great about taker? To taker was persona non grata. It was it was just you don't he. He didn't even have that much. Reputation was enough somewhere. How come I don't know we don't know but it's everybody's like yeah we don't we don't WanNa fuck with that food and it was all right? Wrestling wrestling gives a lot of people. Eddie Guerrero. Bad motherfucker Eddie was another one and people didn't know you'll throw Oh rob Ben Wa. Even before the whole thing Ben Wallace another one that people just they saw was like we. We're not fucking where it was like. Well it's just like you know uh wrestling wrestling show people you know. Sometimes the wrestlers forget that sometimes sometimes was arrested. I remember one time you bro. You gotta live that Gimmick. It's like I have to be prepared if I had if I'm if I'm willing to if feel enough to do something I have to be fearless enough where you know the when the day comes if the day comes I hope it doesn't but You know I have to answer to what I've done. No is definitely and it's funny that you said that because Ah with the shit that I do on this show Someone someone had questioned hostgator one time. It was like do you think that That Jay fucks up your survived because of what he says on the show Bro..

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