Susan Collins, Maine, Reporter discussed on WLOB's Morning News with Ray Richardson


Yes then no i mean when you follow this year you're going to file under the current tax code um and then the following year when he probably were 2018 taxes you'll file under the new tax code so you have some time to repair but some people are asking well my going to change withholding if you look up your tax radio you'll probably noticed that maybe you goes down in the amount that you pay i myself when i look at that i think i'm not going to withholding at all if i get more my paycheck the following year than great tinker with things because i don't want to hire an account to do that that's exactly right michael sam calls call comes calling it usually not with a bake cake in a pot of coffee beta contact year mentors have very good reason for it yes that's true and is never pleasant no doubt hey i wanna hit you with this one very quickly because i it seemed a little odd for her but senator susan collins of maine as you know cast a yes vote and she had been heavily lobbied in the state both pro and con for the bill but she came out to say that reporters coverage of what she has done was sexist ten here's why apparently when she met with some protesters she didn't cry and a reporter said why didn't you cry after meeting with these protesters colin says i can't imagine a reporter asking that about a male senator meeting with the same group and she thinks that the coverage was unbelievably sexist yeah you know it makes me think of john banner he's the only man that i would ask why didn't you cry out all the time i i i can't really say i do actually i believe as a woman in the workplace i used to look at john well he can get away with that he's the guy if a woman stuff there wept at every news conference o b this hysterical a person who needed help um and so you can look at a couple of different ways i i don't know about that about it being sex i think protesters and some reporters are going to have their own agendas that's that's no doubt fox news.

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