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Forecast track, at four PM. Has a landfall somewhere along the Mississippi coastline near the. Area for southeast Louisiana and south Mississippi still a possibility of hurricane force. Winds for tomorrow night into early Wednesday morning also the threat of heavy. Rain a flash flood watch are we in effect so again. Depending on the final track of Gordon which could be a. Category one, at landfall we could see still the potential for heavy rain and strong damaging winds across southeast Louisiana and south Mississippi, channel four chief meteorologist Carl Arredondo the complete pinpoint forecast coming up. Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards declared, a state of emergency this afternoon as, tropical storm Gordon churns in the Gulf ahead of, its expected arrival in southeast Louisiana national guard will send two. Hundred guardsmen to southeast Louisiana tomorrow morning Along with high water vehicles boats and helicopters. As they assisted preparations, for the upcoming storm the threat of severe weather continues to exist for Louisiana and is critically important for everyone to remember that this. Storm has every possibility to track further in our direction the warlords bracing for. Gordon the storm could start impacting the city late tomorrow, through Wednesday mayor Letizia? Cantrell says, rain will be the main issue so she's acting accordingly issuing a voluntary evacuation order only for areas outside of the levee system in particular but he should aisles lake Catherine in the Irish by, you communities we. Know gourds a fast moving storm and after landfall there. Could be a big advantage to southeast Louisiana however urgency officials are bracing. For possible flooding and power outages bore from WWL David Blake Mike with. The governor's office of homeland security hopes residents have been watching and Listening. You says coming off, a long holiday weekend a lot. Of folks just might be out of touch and suddenly we've got strong winds and whipping rain so he, says you better be thinking, about what you can do now because. It's a fast moving storm and if. You need to take action with catch basins gutters or picking up. Things, from the store you better get it done now and a list of school, closures, for, tomorrow's on our website you can check those out at WWL.

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