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A 37 year old woman began firing a gun inside Dallas love airport this morning. Police say she fired several gunshots apparently if the ceiling before an officer shot and wounded her. She has been taken to a local hospital and no one else was injured. Joining us live now to learn more about this WTO's national security correspondent JJ green. JJ, what more do we know about the shooting? Well, she walked into Dallas love field airport about ten 40 local time went to the restroom, reportedly changed clothes, came back out, produced a gun and started shooting. The police in Dallas, teeth, Eddie Garcia said she most likely fired him up into the air at the ceiling. But what goes up must come down in those bullets had to go somewhere so people started scrambling for cover. At that point, police in the airport engaged her shot her in the lower extremities. She was taken to a hospital. The FAA put in a ground stop for a short time. That ground stop has now been lifted the airport is returned to normal activity. And the investigation is underway into what she was thinking and doing. JJ were also familiar with those long security lines at the airport, but that's when you're trying to get into your gate. There's really nothing that stops people from bringing guns into the main halls. That's right. It depends on where you are, walking into an airport with a gun trying to send it through and your carry on is illegal anywhere. But the question you're asking is what's to prevent a person from walking into any airport and doing something like what happened in Dallas and there isn't much quite frankly. The shooting took place before she went through the checkpoint at Southwest Airlines. And if you think about it, you get dropped off at the airport. You can walk in off the street with a weapon. Most airports have law enforcement officers rolling around, but they can't see what's out and what's not out in the open. So honestly, there isn't much to prevent someone from doing what this woman did in Dallas today. Does TSA have any kind of security program focused on this kind of threat? They do. They have something called the visible intermodal prevention and response team. It's called a viper team. And this has been in place for wildman pretty successful. They provide a random, unannounced high visibility surge of essentially protection into any transit agency. It can happen at a train station or an airport. And this team is composed of federal air Marshals, surface transportation, security inspectors, TSA, officers, behavior detection officers, and these are people who kind of monitor people's behavior to look for suspicious things in people. They also have canine teams as well, but the whole objective of this team is to kind of prevent people from walking and doing something crazy. To put it honestly to put it bluntly. But again, you don't know what you don't see with people walking in the airports with clothes and things hidden. So it's a tricky situation, but something they're definitely working to try to deal with. All righty, thanks so much, JJ. Welcome. A new study finds millennials sticking close to home. That's after sports. An orthopedic surgeon makes understanding pain, painless. It's the biggest frustration that patients have. This is doctor Pamela Mehta

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