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Let's talk about. Let's talk about how the royal family is racist on the megan season. So i'm like i. I think need these as i care about like diana and meghan might. That's it like this is what i'm here for I guess my yeah. My only thing was. I was just like i didn't know the queen was glues. I thought everybody degree at that. They showed margaret thatcher in a way. That was like you know you got enough of like where she was coming from but also she was fucked out like she she didn't she didn't value other women she thought she was like some sort of exception A end in the end and everything else about like the might of britain which is so stupid like even the whole falklands Message on one point. I was like what are the fucking falklands i. I don't understand like military base. Like why are we might make some oldest islands as though should happened on them. Like why are we going to fucking war over them. This is stupid. And he's like all about like we must retained the empire lake basically what it is. They have these you saw show. He was trying to piece out. And it's like if you hadn't brought that charismatic bitch. We might succeed site her. He's like and i can tell you don't like her either. I was like you are. We almost got away from u s. If it wasn't for that mainland princess your dogs bowl valley. So i struggled with certain things this season. I wanted to see more of margaret. I i i feel for her as this royal without a. I don't know. I feel like she's always disconnected and at the same time connected. Your united talked about margaret's relationship with elizabeth than we've had this conversation you least once a year but i would like to see more of her more of her. We know beings are coming for her younger thing. That really tripped me out with the episode. When the guy broke into coons bedroo- right. Mike quite that fagin fagin. That was a long episodes. And i love the actor who plays in. I everything he does. I'm good with. I think he's phenomenal. But that felt the episode's district on long but that that was just me. It was a slow episode for sure for sure like when it took a while to get rolling but when you realize i'm a broken twice the security they're errantly now wrong guy plays now and he ran. He's like a reasons you'll places ghetto found..

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