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Good thank you roger says it wouldn't make much sense we'd like young receivers so i'm assuming that's the way they're going to keep going i don't know why you'd cut jordy and bringing does but he's down in blair he's end up somewhere up here obviously welcome with open arms and and get them up speed as quick as possible all right c surprise aaron rodgers is an interested in dez bryant a quarterback should just want any receiver out there who he thinks can catch the ball unless he thinks he can't really catch all know most quarterbacks they don't want to just anyway receive no especially when you've gotten rid of the guy that you have a special connection to and that's jordy nelson now jordy nelson is the only receiver to aaron rogers ever said anything about when they departed our good friend greg and left their errands say nothing about him donald driver retired legendary packer big plays crucial situations he he the same thing about him only time he said something about jordy nelson he also that was after the coach was let go he wasn't informed of that so no i'm not surprised at all in i believe aaron is a really smart football player i believe that him in geordie had a special connection because some of the throws and stuff they made they were not drawn up by a coach they were just him in geordie making something happen in critical situations that type of intel relationship that don't you don't transfer that over to another receiver like that's something special that you know you have only have it with only a few quarterbacks and i don't think that he thinks he's going to get that in desperate is desert better outrun enjoying no better off the line of scrimmage on this releases no faster no condensed plan the cold i don't know georgie was a me better hand no absolutely not so there's not one part of the game that you could tell me.

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