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Or I guess in 2022, because the Super Bowl that this Super Bowl will be 2021 you know what I'm saying? All right, timeto line him up Presented by our friends at BET, MGM Pretty light day on the sports front, No NFL game. No Thursday night football as much as we hate Thursday night football. I kind of miss it. Football was nice. Eso no NFL game. Ah, tonight tear, but we got baseball game. We got one going on right now. But we also have one in about hour and 15 minutes. Game four. Of the En el Dia or NLCS. Excuse me. Braves taking on the Dodgers Dodgers. Spanking the Braves last night. 11 run first inning. And Cruz. To a win. And now they say, Inkling Kershaw at long last Onto the mountain. I'm not going to say that this start for Clayton Kershaw tonight. Is the biggest of his career. Because the guy is pitched in a lot of big games, and this is not the world. Siri's But this is this is on the list. This is high on the list. Certainly other than a World Series game. The most important start, and it seems like no duh, but we've been to this point in the season for the Dodgers before. Right, but this is a massive start for him. And he also got the Built in talking points, right the back spasms. You know? Or how are they going to affect him? If he doesn't pitch? Well, then I'm sure that back spasms will be discussed. But this is where you and I know what Clayton Kershaw eyes in the postseason is E R. Is about two runs higher. I get it. But the Dodgers need him tonight. The Dodgers need him tonight. Even up this Siri's, because if they don't They're not coming back from 31 down. You got Max freed coming back around. For the Atlanta Braves. This will not end well for the Dodgers if they can't win. Tonight. And so I think this game As we talk about legacy and with a guy like claim, Kershaw, the discussion is all about legacy. This is a legacy. Building. Start. Because if the Dodgers win tonight End up winning this Siri's and going to another World Series and maybe even winning that. We will talk about this start to night. And conversely, if clinker shop bombs tonight And the Braves end up winning this thing in five It is, I think. Cemented, Cling Kershaw All world. One of the best we've ever seen in the regular season. Postseason just couldn't translate. Massive start tonight for Klink Kershaw. Massive game for the Braves. Dodgers minus 2 23 favorites They're giving 2.5 to the Braves, who are plus 1 95. Over under is nine runs. I generally loathe the team that Clayton Kershaw pitches for. I do not wish that franchise a lot of success. But tonight I am backing Clayton Kershaw. I think the Dodgers I'm backing the Dodgers in the first five innings. I'm going to take Klink Kershaw to strike out at least seven hitters. And I'm also going to take the bridge to score at least four runs now. I'll put the caveat on it. I don't know that they'll get Close to the four with Kirsch on the mountain. But Clayton Kershaw The guy that's going to attack the zone. I got attacked the zone this time of year and I know Dodger fans. They're listening like, Yeah, that's kind of been the problem. You got to do it. I got to go after these guys, and I think it's going to lead To a fair amount of strikeouts tonight. Look that Tony Gonsouland kid a couple of nights ago struck out like 11 guys. Clayton Kershaw, Khun Strike Out seven. He's going to attack the zone. He's going To go after these Braves hitters. I think he's going to rack up the strikeouts, but I think he might get touched up once or twice. I could see in ICU Nya or for even a Freddie Freeman. I know left on left. But still Freddie Freeman. With the way he's hitting. I could see him giving up a bomb. I could, but I think Kershaw has far more success tonight. Then he gets steamed up. I think that the Dodgers even up to Siri's, so I bet a minus 2 23. But what's the point? Right? Not getting any value. Their line is 2 23, So I'll take the first five. Strike Kershaw to get least seven K's I do think that the Braves with a combination of maybe hitting a home run off a clinker shop, but also maybe getting after that dodgersbullpen a little bit. I think the Braves score at least four runs. You get, plus odds on that, By the way that and the Kershaw plus 1 10 on Kershaw strikeouts on the over and then +105 on the Braves. Scoring over 3.5 runs. I think we reconvene tomorrow and I think we have a tie. Siri's If it doesn't happen. Plain. Kershaw may be permanently branded as a guy who can't get done the postseason and maybe we're watching the last few days.

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