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Get a multiply me more with rocks. Not enough wood frog. Oh, man. Yeah. These animals do there was th that was joking about David Attenborough narrating, the the Minnesota resume, but yeah, as you watch those planet earth and life, and and all those shows there's a there's the ability of creatures to survive in these type temperatures is this like Br species of snake that does a similar thing. That's a Canadian snake, and when it gets super cold, they just sort of, you know, bury themselves under the snow. They freeze and just as it starts. You'll see hundreds of snakes just popping out of horrible. It's really cool. Those frogs they wake up from their frozen from their frozen stupor. You know, I it's time to turn a banana into a hammer. So either things you can do in the subzero temperatures. It shouldn't some boiling water into the air. Yeah. A lot of people like to do that fill the soup. They say they say Philip super soaker with boiling water, you shoot out into the cold actually vaporizes and turns into ice Chris crystals, essentially are oh made snow. Yep. Freeze fried egg. I've heard of that. So you put a frying pan outside for about fifteen minutes before you crack an egg into its results into something resembling breakfast. You can freeze Freia. He want to eat it. You don't wanna eat it. Frozen cold. Yeah. Go sledding on a frozen towel. Pass. I'll pass. This last one I might do today. I've already said it to Melinda make maple syrup taffy. So you bring you bring maple syrup to a boil don't stir it or your heating it up. Right once it's reached two hundred thirty four degrees Fahrenheit, bring the pot of the molten maple goodness outside and imports into the into a clean expanse of snow, then stick a popsicle stick on one end and rolled.

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