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O. ours Alice Stockton Rossini was out checking on where we have come seven years since superstorm sandy hit so I understand Alice is a lot of areas of the tri state that still have not been fully repaired there's people that are still waiting to get back into their home Paul that are yeah we have bones contractors you've done work who don't have still waiting for payment the city plans Joe plan what's the big plan that really have that started yeah there were articles all week about how we're not really prepared for another super storm which is a little bit scary so I'm happy that you're talking about it this morning and you start a show because I feel like the anniversary comes and goes and then we just don't talk about it again why are why are people not back in their homes well in the case of in New York City they have to build it back program and they had all they got all these contractors together all of these work all all of the work on on homes and they rebuilt them make the Polish a rehab them and then when it came down to pay contractors a lot of contractors were getting paid and survey work session work and leads were paid plate again home and then they couldn't get the yellows and their shoddy construction work in Jersey that was going on and get people couldn't get the to get back into their homes people that still couldn't you know we turned the paper work and got behind the eight ball on that their money and they have worked on it that they couldn't pay for it there's like a litany of reasons now granted there's not as many people as there were five years ago or even but people still out there and that the story I did this week was about the contractors and I talk to a contractor it never think Chris each made over three hundred thirty homes along the south shore of Staten Island and in Brooklyn at the first one that they did in twenty sixteen they did it so fast that build it back the city's program that hired them get a commercial and was like look out faster getting people back into their homes and they got paid for about six of the homes that they completed and the city now owes them nineteen million dollars now I I think the guy Brian Laurie that I talk that they did not put any liens stated they completed all the work all of the people that they did homes for not only got into their homes but they still hold some modem yeah and sold the and they're still waiting hang out of the city because the city claims that they're dealing with hi and a big federal grant I think it's like a billion dollars or something and in order for them to you the contractor submit their money you know submit their orders to the city and what happens as we said okay go in and do the three hundred homes that they go into a home and they start doing work and they go G. this call specific and water for three years because they did get help twenty sixteen right well twenty fourteen and G. we can't just re have this because there's no for the entire floor is destroyed I don't have to put it another floor or we have to reset and put in another floors of the call the change order survey to let these change orders to the city after he says okay well we'll have an auditor look at that and then they have a series of auditors look at that gonna go gonna goes on that change order goes down to the bottom of the list that could be a year before they say okay go ahead with the work well look at you know I mean the government just loves paperwork I isn't there a way to streamline this process a because the thing is you're going to get to the point where people are putting claims in and people going to say it is a hurricane watch how long ago was that I mean you know at some point we're gonna forget about this I know I know it you would think you would think there is always on it but I mean we're seven years out and people work is still being submitted and with the contractors are finding is that people work and then they go well we want some more paperwork bass a bit but this is the best paperwork to the federal government and the federal government that we work through this and on and around and around and around and around god knows how long the good news for this particular builder is back you know they finish their homes they got the people back at the people are in the hall of the people that were damaged during hurricane sandy they're not dealing with it but the construction people are but the city is that I don't know it's for streamlining we've done the stories for thirty years Joe whatever the governments involved whenever there's a big amount of money involved with the federal government to government it's just a boondoggle it's just a mess and then they you know it just goes from it look it just goes from bad to worse wouldn't to away eventually according to another you know another contractor than a cocktail when you go to work for the city you expect delays when you go to work for the city you have to cover your expenses and the only good thing is is that because you're dealing with the city well eventually get paid okay that makes you will eventually get paid this it's gonna take a little while all right W. along as Alice Stockton row CD taking a look back at hurricane sandy thanks Alice have a good weekend are you ready to dominate the markets with one of the fastest trading platforms ever take the tasty works treating challenge we'll give you to market days and five brands is much as two hundred fifty Bucks and.

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