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A little bit you know. Hope animates what fear paralyzes hope builds. What fear destroys. What are some ways that we build that. Hope you know. We talked about one. Envy being one looking at what we want. But what are ways to build that hope because sometimes that hope seems very fragile. And i think hope as an is more of a direction so you can be in a boat and looking way out at the horizon and the horizon continues to move as you move is just a function of the physics of how we are but looking out and saying i will get there and having just a point somewhere to aim for gives us an anchor on what we're doing if we don't have something that we're working toward aiming toward learning about trying to get better at than we'll just sort of paddle everywhere and it will just be treading water and you wanna sink because there's nowhere to go but as long as you do have somewhere to go then all of a sudden there's a purpose to what you're working on and that is a very animating feeling. Yeah you have a line in there. Make plans to make progress. I would say a lot of the work. I do with coaching. Clients is exactly that we're making plans so that we can make progress and there's a couple of really important points to that. I mean one is without a plan like you said. I'm paddling everywhere if i don't have a plan it's hard to use my time. Well there's a whole bunch of reasons but the other is if i have a plan and that plan has some milestones. I can sort of see like oh. I'm making progress. You know. I started working with a coach again at the beginning of this year. Because i needed some of that. I felt like needed some clear. Progress points that. I could say yes. We're moving in the right direction because the movements at least at the stage that we're at their harder for me to discern. Yeah and i think to even if you pick the wrong end point you still go somewhere and you still learn something and you can change direction at anytime but just having that momentum of. I'm going to read this book. I'm going to learn this idea. I'm going to figure out how this software works. Some small accomplishment motivates you to do more small accomplishments until all of a sudden. You've done something huge or changed all sorts of things about your life and it's just by making those like little steps like i'm gonna do this thing. I'm gonna do that thing gonna make this happen. And they don't have to be massive. They just have to be satisfying right. Step two is be hopeful. And i've been talking about hope all the time way ahead of time. I'm completely out of order here. But you have a line there that i love would fear tries to anchor you to a miserable moment. It's hope that will help you move on. Yeah yeah. I think when we do have those voices in our head and those recurring thoughts of you're trying to go to sleep anything everything's fine and then your brands like you know how badly you like totally screwed that.

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