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Best part of your life? As LA LA. Honestly, the best part of my life is being Walla just like getting to like lay in bed and chill with my fiance into kids and eat like being burritos at six thirty in the morning before I send him off to school like that's fun. That's like real life. You know, when I go home from interviews when I go home from filming the show like all I wanna do is watch family guy in like love on. My babes. I can be nice sometime. So not only are you engaged. Jackson Britney are engaged. How are you feeling about that relationship? Now, I'm all for it. I'm obsessed and it's so crazy 'cause random jocks have the ultimate bromance? They don't even know that Britain exist when we get together. So for me, it's like Jackson's says made such a one eighty with his whole life after his dad pass. It was just like I think he realized that britney's really gonna be there for him through whatever he goes through in his life. And yeah, he woke up, and I think he knows that he needs a treat her like the Queen that she is. Yeah. Yeah. Tell me about that insane trip. You guys all took together just on Jackson's Instagram story of like this villa that you Ryan rented out so random I for their engagement present gave them a trip to Kabo. So we got a few of us together fueled the jet and headed to Kabul and stayed in this like phenomenal twenty five thousand square foot mansion with. The chef in the quote unquote Butler, and it was just like five star. Did they fill over the show? No, it was definitely just us with no cameras around. Crazy. We had the best time. It was just another body experience. What was the best part the yacht day the yacht day was like incredible. Because we to anytime you're on a boat, and you like be it see with everyone in your all in like really close corners. It's way fun. Right. Yeah. That was the best day who's crazier when they drink you or rand brand of rand gets Caridi. But like a fun crazy because me, I'm like unpredictable, which is why today, I'm celebrating fifty seven days of sobriety home. My god. Congratulations. Thank you with a little bit unpredictable. But with him, you just know you're gonna have the best time ever. So what made you want to embark on this sobriety journey? I just don't think alcohol is my friend. You. You know, and I've noticed that all of my friendships in my relationship is a million times better without it in my life. So yeah, I just I have a team of people that keep me on the sober path in it's one day at a time. I know that at the end of the day, I'm gonna go home and have a sober day. Tomorrow. We're going to wake up with the same goal. You know? Yeah. The day by day thing. So what are we putting in the baby bottle now, we're back to milk and Honey, okay, almond milk. And Honey, I love that you do that. It's so funny. Right. I'd it's like such a lame thing to do. But it like helps me when I when my jaw starts clenching sucky sucky a little bit and go night night. So Tom and Katie chose Lisa Vander pomp to officiate their wedding. Who do you want to officiate your wedding? Will my man is Jewish. So we he has who he wants, you know, and. Yeah. It definitely won't be Lisa Vander pump. Because I want to be the star at my wedding. I get that. Right. I can't have Vander pump officiating. No one's gonna know. I'm there. Yeah. No. You need to be the star in your wedding. Totally. Yes. How really break my heart. We see that. There's like tension later in the season between you and Billy. And I wanted to know if you could shed light on that. Billy is just a very strange person. You know, I think she likes to stir the pot. I think she's looking for her five minutes, and I gave that to her. So she's welcome. You know, I say what's up to our teller? She looks chic because she does. And I always speak the truth. You know, unify don't care for you. When you look good all tell you look good. But yeah, I don't have much to say about her..

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