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One down it'll bring up PK Hernandez judge shall be Chris singleton from Boston's Fenway Park lights around six go sign is flashing over the wall in left in a really nice night for for the home side a trailer five one PK undead as one for two with a single use quarter one your five the pitch is down it away win for the Dodgers if they can hold on to this tonight that would be big sigh of relief they've lost seven straight games at Fenway Park is the one that's outside of low obviously don't play here a lot but the inter league play in we did last year the World Series yes shake it off here and know what it feels like to have a W. the two always smell bad shake it all should you know PK digs back in a way to get to one next bridges up within that is really Dodger fans here tonight at last night according to the claim last night it was like a sea of blue within three one is outside and that's Paul for so with one out her name is of take is one was it a see a Dodger blue last night I mean was it who does he said that he was more than fifty percent Dodger fans and I yelled out and I didn't even it just it felt a little high like a Whopper the Cooper Dougie who is an outstanding fishermen which is in the dirt and for one to Austin point by the way Doug and I had the best scallops I've ever had in my life in New York at this guy's restaurant David Blaine the you know sprint to I mean the the best scallops I've ever had and how may Doug goes and dives for seafood that is amazing yeah I did the brothers lobster last year after the sales service sensation hello winner takes all swing a balance to the right there that a plane there was right there little hit Ron talked about it earlier this peering at the bottom of the order for the Dodgers with DJ Hernandez in Austin Barnes Tuesday Roberts some flexibility on different things that he could do or try you see less definite runs nowadays I still a lot less of everything that we came to love about the sport which is the one one is in for a strike what part of why there are fewer hit and runs his defensive positioning the holes are already there do me like you are the reason for the hit run was to be the defender you trying to what should the role now the third set up with a way where there's a big hole saying he did here if you want good luck with that one out man of furs the one two ended takes away want the chest protector of sandy Leone beyond a second goes PK Hernandez it's a wild thank you Leon had his one billion his arms today down on the field for batting practice walking around is a proud Papa to look like he just woke up from a nap next page caught on and miss the barge chases it's a strike out at least you away what do you what do you do it every day thanks Sir I just want to give me five more minutes just five more minutes of sleep please I feel about one being woken up surely from a nap is no good the bridge yeah that one ended their kids away for a moment from sandy Leone and it's Paul one rumors really Yankee.

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