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Be very. Hey hey let's answer robbers okay. Where's the phone all intro. You have a ninety s was all in show no song. I'm incoming grow to get here. That's the rapper. And turning that saw oh goodness that's terrible so basically they blew the fuck up right and every time. Hold on. I just wanna tell you like i was alive. They blew the fuck up. They were on everything everywhere like they were the shit. What do you think contributed to the success. Are they hot. But they're fucking hot their models. That's that's also how what we learned about them. Is that the remodels. They're hot really both of them. I'm looking right now to see if they're high if hard Okay they have this wild hair. One of them has a very strong bone structure. Yup i mean. They are given the girls fashion and they were like a whole scene. There were whole vibe to. yeah oh and they. They were wearing eyeliner and millionaire vanilla but he was rocking a lot of concealed. He was like a whole they were. Yeah and then. It's so funny because it looks so much alike but apparently they're not related at all. Okay wow he crochet braids in the lord. Jesus okay so. This is a quote from more von from vanillin. He says every time we gave an interview the reports here my french accent or robs german accent and they say no way how these guys have suddenly songs. Obviously they never heard of craig david ryan or dell or hollow this you get off the record we like all go get me get me fishing. Gps cockney accent they even had dialect specialist broaden paid by the record company to try to help the situation but fast fame didn't make it easy so they blew up so fast they didn't have time to like big accents. Which nowadays. I can have a strong french accent. A german accent and still singing an american one and nobody would be the wise. I have to say. I'm actually surprised that that was even an issue. Raised like i said like ace of base was around this time too and they had you know. They had the ruling northern european accent. And whatever so we didn't we the basically. They said we didn't wanna do anymore. Interviews palatis added the more. We talk the worst thing. Scott their former manager recalled situation to billboard saying i remember there was some some words that fab couldn't pronounce. He had a pretty thick. French guadalupe accent. Oh french guadalupe it. Okay so yeah. Access accents so on the girl i'm going to miss. You couldn't say miss and he would say mass he will say girl. I'm gonna miss you miss. You miss you you say me. Come on meese issue me museum. That's hot okay with that. But i guess the issue is if you can't say me's as you say on the songs i'm not gonna say was right or wrong but if you can't pronounce the same way that you pronounce it on those song people interesting because you're saying it like miss you saying this right. My question is why do we care. I love chaos. I would why do we keep. They could dance right. They are asses off and they was. When i tell you i will not enough and there it is. They were gorgeous. They can dance their asses off and make dating. Start no trouble. They were willing to let somebody take over their lives. Force them into some into labor. They ain't green and they kept you know they showed up every day. Upset them so much shoot up.

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