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The Democrats are going to get together and have a meeting about impeachment I don't know what they're gonna meet about they're going to do it. called it. and I've I've had some interesting people responding to me on this subject. of impeachment. and that I I'm. I can't tell if they're arguing with me or if they're just. mad at me or or maybe Tony I'm thinking that your continued belief is an email I got that Congress one fact impeach president trump is not so much based on the current realities of this Congress is more a result of your continued statement of you heard it here first. wow all right now tell me what I've been wrong about son. Hey we can now. that's something else you see I say it and then if it happens again here first. how often and we discussed the fact that the reason that we're able to on the show all of us be so good with the predictions is because we don't lie to ourselves about what's going on the only people who don't think that the Democrats want to impeach our people have their heads in the sand or up there you know what's Tony Katz Tony Katz today eight three three got Tony eight three three four six eight eight six six nine I have been wrong about things before I am. happy to admit that when it happens if only because I don't think you get anywhere by not admitting. the Democrats want to impeach. for the same reason we just discussed about why Biden or Bernie will not be the nominee. Bernie is certainly progressive enough you don't need Bernie when you have a Lizabeth Warren put a judge in poker or not radical enough in the style and that's not working for that base the base must be mollified. and the bass is actually the highly partisan progressive. if you want to argue that a moderate Democrats still exist you're.

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