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Actually closes tonight. The ramp closure this weekend may not seem like a big deal the people. But if you use those ramps it's really important that you make other plans referring to the southbound ramp at Atlantic street and the northbound on ramp at the same spot after tonight's commute boat ramps will be closed, and then there's that second closure this weekend could catch some guard. This one's in Tukwila, we need to replace some hardware on the expansion joint on the Duwamish river bridge that means we are going to have to start reducing lanes down near Southcenter leaving northbound I five will be down to just two laser starting tonight at ten through early Monday morning live underneath Brian Calvert, KOMO news. And here's what's coming up. Video released of a fatal officer involved shooting. Jeff Pohjola with the story. Komo AAA traffic time. Once again, here's Kiera we'll know local blocking crashes or stalls and the drive in from Snohomish county. It's having a Friday light kind of morning. It's definitely more challenging if you're coming in from the south end northbound I five that's finding crowding around fifty six and then again approaching the Tacoma dome. Then it's a heavy drive in Seattle from Albro to the convention center. He's buying eastbound five twelve a bit busy between the mall and the fairgrounds. We're finding some slowing on northbound one zero seven as you're heading out of Sumner. The drive becomes heavier from fifteen th street northwest to Willis street, northbound four zero five riding the brakes from Talbot to forty four th also finding additional slowing around Factoria southbound four or five that's just heavy around state route five to two southbound I five you're working on crowding from fiftieth into downtown Seattle. I'm still seeing this unusual slow down as you're traveling through five, but I can tell you did not be able to find anything on my cameras. Northbound ninety nine is busy between diagonal. And the stadiums are next KOMO traffic at eight fourteen.

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