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Degrees at three o'clock. Good morning. I'm David Jennings. Yep, we were told of Kobe numbers didn't come down. There'd be roll backs, and now they are wg and traffic on the express ways in the till ways of it, and Ryan is shut down, and that's our bond between 83rd and 87th. The backup starts at 79th Street. We're told it is because of a shooting investigation. Two more regions of Illinois are going under stricter Koba 19 safety measures this week. Six of the state's 11 designated regions now have additional restrictions because of rising case numbers. And rising hospitalizations. Regions foreign tend the latest added to the list that includes the Metro East and suburban Cook County corridors Come to Brewster says more regions may soon follow and region nine. Lake and McHenry counties is reporting its first day of an average positivity rate above the 8% threshold for Mitigations had 8.1% if the region remains above the 8% threshold for the next two days. Could enter a period of additional mitigations, possibly later this week. Chrisman Ola's own several blueberry hill cafes around the Chicago Land area and says, Yeah, it is a tough time. It's hard how these are coming. You know, I just told my hostess, you know the news and she literally almost, you know. Starting tomorrow. Indoor service in bars and restaurants done not happening. Limits on group sizes lower to 25 people or 25% of the space in Illinois today yesterday should say 4700 and 29 new corona virus cases and 17 additional deaths. State positivity rate is it's 6.3%. Now. What happens with all of this Well, Mayor Lightfoot is concerned about it and warning that we may see additional limits put on the city of Chicago if the positivity rate doesn't come down. Mayor is also defending her proposal to raise fines on tickets for speeding. 21 2021 budget plan includes finding drivers $100 for going more than 10 miles an hour over the speed limit life, it says. This isn't like previous traffic finds it appeared to target minority community, unlike finds for non moving violations that did fall disproportionately on black and brown. Chicagoans and drove people into bankruptcy. People have control over whether or not they speed or not, the city expects do finds like this to generate more than $380 million in revenue in 2021. Mayor also says the move is strictly for safety. Cook County Treasurer's office is out with a new study chose the county's property tax bills basically have doubled in the past two decades. Maria Pappas says total tax bills in the county increased 99% over the last 20 years. The cost of living is so much that one up 36% that includes the 550 government in the county of Cook, including the city of Chicago. So we went up from seven billion to 15 billion. But if you just take Chicago alone, I've divided into quadrant and you deal with residential on ly in the city. It's up 164%. That increase went from 1.3 to $3.5 billion. You could get a look at this study. It is of the Cook County Treasurers website Cook County treasurer dot com Destruction and looting in Philadelphia after the police killed a black man yesterday afternoon for Philadelphia Police Sergeant Eric Grip has a man with a knife confronted, officers continued to follow. After the officers were wrenching. The weapon ulcers ordered him to drop it several more.

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