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I super hero and my own tell I was we were blessed that he was the guy back in the days and he was like the guy with better horses in Venezuela. So that gave me the shins and the opportunity to join and see oversee a really nice operation on the bed sources in the country. And believe me, it was a very special thing back in the days in Venezuela. It was like very good horse racing and a lot of passion and love from the horses and like Venezuelan people are big fans of horse racing. So I was very close to the best barn by fire. So I didn't have a chance to look out at training. I had enough in my family. I mentioned at the beginning of the show that you're in the midst of the best year of your career and that all 5 years your wind totals have continued to increase. So Jorge, you just keep getting better and better and better. When you have those conversations with your father, who you just described as your hero. And you get a chance to visit with him and talk to him. What are those conversations like? He must be very proud of you as a former trainer himself. He's my number one thing. I know that he knows everything about my horses. Where was the last time they raised when was the last time they work out? Even if I don't tell him he would look it up in equities or he would look it up and sometimes he even knows that's right before I know so I know every other race day he's paying attention to a razor thing. He's watching what happens in every now and then he will tell me something he will suggest something about is like he was my superhero. I know I'm in superhero right now. And he's my number one fan. I know that it's nothing important more important to him in his life than Micah reading my operation and my success because he loved horses like horses in his life forces more than anything and I know he's enjoying and having so much fun and living through me and I think that even like health and he wants to have something to look forward and he keeps his mind this is I feel very grateful that I can do that for him. What's the one thing that you do now that you're training on your own that you watched your father do all those years ago? What's the one similarity? Well, he would write down everything that I am seeing that he was pretty consistent. And write it down everything and believe it or not it's a secret and it's raining and a lot of things can go to notice and a lot of it can be forgotten and then when you think it's not going to be crucial or it is going to happen because you forget something is not true. Once you let something pass or what you forget something changed the outcome of the race or the performance of the horses and I will always see him with a notebook small notebook and a paying and he would write everything so he won't forget anything. So that's one of the things that I remember that he did like not that he was like a racing technique or like what it was something that he was very particular. And I keep that from him. Our horses we have like pretty much the same philosophies we care about every horse individually and I don't like to be to have a program for all the horses and freedom equal. I feel like any of them are different. They think different. They act different. They move different. So I try to trade them like individually all of them and I check them pretty much two or four times a week, the bed does it like a couple of times a week, but I take my time and I think I don't need anyone doing myself so I know where my House is out and what they need in my opinion and what I can improve or what I should be on top with anyhow. So that maybe when you believe and I pretty much like that. He sounds like a seasoned veteran. He never know that he's only been doing this for 5 years. I'm talking with trainer Jorge, Delgado here on trainer talk presented by phasic tipton. Jorge stay with me. We're going to get to a short commercial break when we come back. We'll talk more about your uncle Gustavo. We'll talk about some of his top horses and we'll look back on those two grade one victories that you've had earlier this season.

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