Don Jr, President Trump, Congress discussed on Slate's Political Gabfest


That don jr on television mike pence kellyanne conway all said it was outrageous to even suggest it now we're like we're so much further down the football field because now it's sort of like always sure there were meetings but whatever they weren't they didn't mean anything there was a time when even suggesting that there had been a meeting was a hugely offensive thing to suggest i add one more thing to the like let's notice where we are every news report about why trump should not sit for this deposition talks about how he regularly fabricates and exaggerates and goes off on tangents that won't help him in the legal setting we are all just sort of like not a long but that's also not normal entirely although john i mean you you use the metaphor of a football field that we're further down the football field i mean that does imply that implies that there's a goal or destination that might be achieved i i guess i'm i'm concerned about that i don't i think what what to me is striking that we've had so much evidence there's so much evidence that the president is a liar there's so much evidence that that people on his team met with russians that there was a huge efforts to cover up that there was obstructed justice on various factors and yet the public opinion about this and then the the political opinion within the legislature within congress has not changed very much at all and so there's a huge amount of information that's been put forward and yet very little actual change in politics of it and part of it is our tribalism at the moment.

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