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Current who was there yesterday said this. He said there's no on-field reason for cam. Newton to ever take a meaningful regular season snap for the patriots while match. Jones is upright in able bom the week to week day to day. Play played comedy of jones for the past three. Weeks has in my estimation and those of moose to the people watching every rep put to bed all debate about who is the better quarterback for the patriots in twenty twenty one jones performance wednesday in the patriots. One hundred fifteen minute. Joint practice with the giants. It took debate in and turned out the lights. Wow we got to talk about for. Kevin wilde's patriots but nick. I'm gonna let wild similar little start with you now. Cam newton actually returns from kobe protocol today but has matt jones officially one. Qb competition. i don't think he's officially one. The quarterback competition. I think tom curren did what tom. Current is sometimes prone to do which is lean into hyperbole. and that's why he's great. That's fine. I don't think the competition is over however i do. This is a lesson for all the viewers out there. Whether they're aspiring pro. Athletes are not. This is why it's dangerous to miss work. I know it's very in vogue amongst people my age and younger to get on social media and be like take all your vacation days. We self care. Yeah okay that's fine but you might hit replace like i'm a big believer in. It's very hard to get rid of the guy that's always. There is a lot of hot. Take no it's not good morning. you're you have a you have even more time to sell care if you're unemployed like you got all the time in the world if you're just scanning the you know the job listings and cam. Newton miss basically a week of work for totally preventable reasons. And now all of a sudden he might have a lot more of missed work for preventable reasons. Which is mack. jones. Might take his job. And greg. I think bill belichick wanted and planned and hoped to start cam newton. Week one against the miami dolphins. I think those wants and plans in hopes are now very much in the air. And i don't know that belichick wants to do that anymore. Anyway so yeah. I don't listen. I don't think mack jones is officially won the competition but i guarantee closer right now that it has been at any moment since the patriots put the pekin and that's cam zone doing and a credit to evidently how well matt jones played over these last few days of practice. Yeah well mag. Jones obviously has done his job because he has everyone in new england talking about him and his performance. Which is what you wanna do when you are given this type of an opportunity cam on the other hand. He's done what what most veteran players thinks is okay and that they can get away with because of what they've done and what history has proven provided and shown us that i am this player. I am great. I can't bounce back but when you when you decide to do something that puts the team in harm more in jeopardy or puts a coach in an unknown in unfamiliar territory. It is hard to rebuild and re stacked that trust in. So when i look at what tom current is saying. I find it hard to believe that. John is outright one. The job in five practices. however. I will say this. I've been in a situation. We're not i got into green bay and i was in a very very competitive receiver room. A donald driver was number one guy and we. We didn't know who was going to be number two Robert ferguson was the guy. There was rod gardner former first round. Pick a lot of other guys and tell us job greg. Tell us here. A couple of those guys got injured. I was. I was there every single day. I performed excellent every day. I pop the team on every single day and our put came walmart bag what he created open door for me to be only one being seen and talked about in this situation. That is what cam. Newton has provided for mac jones which is why it is going to be a much more difficult situation in decision for bill belichick and staff to just outright hand. The job to cam newton. Yes so i think he might end up handing the job to jones and this has been a rising tide. Oddly we haven't seen any video of this practice. We've just seen a bunch of reports. So like i was in a kind of a tough spot i was like. I can't get up to foxborough. There's no video so football season's coming so i had to send a friend old ulysses back with a report from foxborough guests box where the news always a little. Bit damage money back. Oh it's a long trip from new england my friend. It's okay if we can the petition of some. The news is brought back to me. Listening don't wear ulysses boom knack meeting the moment from mike greece. What else do we have. I think our guy are guy. Evans says the all mac shredded the giant. Starting defense jeff. How gave us a double whammy there mac at eighteen consecutive completions and also a surgical thirty five or forty. I don't wanna get to it cited. Although i am excited i brought a you know a bird onto the second but nick and this is just practice. You know what it felt like you know. Well start to make a lot of noise in practice. All patrick mahomes. You started to hear the rumblings out of kansas city. Ooh this two years in practice. He's doing things that we've never seen before. Have you seen reviews like this out of a guy. That there was question marks about it has been owned worth welcoming. It's not one person thurs that. Hey you know what. Nancy jones okay to one person who didn't like like forrest gump. I'm not a fan like stop trying to unique your take on self care. Everyone agrees not meet. No one hundred one hundred per reviews hundred percent on the mac jones rotten tomatoes rookie king be rating. I couldn't be happier with you are. I'm i'm happy for you. And i wanted to be with you. But you're like a gymnast. That has these unbelievable in the air vault routines and then every time when it's time to land and not only do you not stick. The landing like ended up falling off the apparatus entirely like. There's always happened. You have the makings of a great take. And then you can't land you're like hey you know it reminds me of moms know. It reminds me of almost all the reviews. We typically get about a guy who had a good practice but that's not the point. The point is they were really good reviews or the guy who had a good practice and the other guys reviews are nothing because he was on zoom so no i'm not ready to like give it a hundred out of one hundred rotten tomatoes rating but the other movies not in theaters anymore. And so that and this is like a tale as old as time the younger cheaper a person. I'm not reading sports just in the workplace. Is there the veteran. More expensive stalwarts.

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