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To the fans oh you i was crying he wants to be the quarterback and how can they treated this way well let's make knack 2 out to be the fact that he was a guy that handle it badly and he did but it was john mary's idea in the beginning hey let's see the new guys let's see what they're gonna do all right so the bottom line is you didn't see davis web you don't know how he would play in a game here i any film on him so the do trade down and get extra picks the your trade down and get another quarterback who might be available later who you think is better than the guys at the other teams thank our this do you look at other needs like linebacker pass rusher offensive line and and try to get those guys as opposed to a quarterback so a lot of that was taken away because you didn't get a look at davis web now you can tell me all you want that uh well you know they seem in practice practice practice come on its practice it's different even if these games than mean anything even if the offensive line was in good you wanna see you wanna have game film on a guy when it counted against firststring opposition who were trying to beat him wanted to see that and they didn't so now davis what might be great might not be but we don't know the nato no no matter what they tell you eight seven seven three three seven six six six six greta is a drill instructor when it comes to training lean meeting fighting machines she has a mess around three thousand people when it comes to getting a.

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