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The Calvin show meant to you, or perhaps my dad, maybe a big fan of the Disney movies or going back to Mikhail's navy and an opportunity for you to tell everybody with that meant to your family growing up and getting the family together to watch TV together is something we don't do anymore. Why it's something we all did as kids growing up. I still like to do it, but it's it's tough to do nowadays, because you don't all have to be there at any certain time, and there's no appointment watching it sports or big news event. They're very few things we watched live anymore. What else is there to watch those oil, high speed chases and was I've, I haven't noticed a lot of high speed chases last three days, or maybe I just missed. I was just going to say I actually I left you alone. These these last few days. But I did send you one text that you didn't respond to it. I'm a little offended was detect chase on nine. I missed that. No. I think there was only one chase. It was. It was relatively quick. Yeah. I love the fact that you are leaving me alone. We should continue that. Well, you know what the new the thing, the thing is, we've sent a few group texts over the last few days, and I had to make sure that it wasn't the ones including great great. He's gonna love this really think management here too, when Robin Berta Lucci found out that my dad had passed away. She's one of the very few I people that called me, and she said, I'm gonna have Mark Thompson in tonight and tomorrow night. And for the rest of the nights until you feel like you can come back to work, you need to take time to spend with your family, and I said, I said, all that very kind of you, I said, going to take some time, I don't think I can come back til mid August. And without pausing. She said, we'll have Mark Thompson here until mid August. And that thought, wow. Could be quite some vacation. Hey. Your dad always said he wanted you to travel. That's right. All right. Here is more travel to every track that you can get to between now and mid August. That's exactly right. All right, Steve, Gregory with Carol Burnett. The thing that we talked about was the people were laughing into the point of tears, and you never uttered, the F word. No. No. We why why why you never went blue. You never had to go blue to get people to laugh. Well, you know what? And God bless him. He felt the same way that, you know, and Carl Reiner today. You know, if you have to stoop, you know, and be blue, then you're not really as clever, as you think you are, because it's a cheap easy way to get a laugh, if you don't mind, Carol, can you take a couple of seconds and sort of think back, and I'd like you to tell us something about him, you and Tim, Tim and Harvey all three of you something you've never said publicly before I don't take anything that I haven't said publicly before or written about when it comes to Tim Conway, there was, there would be no reason to keep a secret. I mean just just not much secret been like a funny moment or something that, that you might recall that you've never talked that you've done so many of us. And I know you've talked about Tim and Harvey and. I remember one time we were in stralia doing show, we were opening the Sydney Opera House. And, you know, when you're on location, a lot of the people that we brought with us, they were kind of having secret romances and my husband, and I, we felt like the house, mother and house father. But we'll okay, whatever anybody go. All right. So everybody's hooking up. Okay, that's fine. We've been paying attention. So we laid a date with Tim to go to dinner and he was on the second floor hotel. And so he's come on down. Pick me up, you know, at seven o'clock or whatever. So my husband Joe and I the elevator we went down and went to his room and we knocked on the door. He's come in, and so we came in and he was was the living room and then the bed bedroom was in the back. I'm back here. Into the bedroom, and Tim is in bed bare-chested looking like you smoking cigarettes. With his arm around a stuffed sheep. He had bought this huge cheap that was in the gift shop. And it was it was. You know, the regular size like in person. What he had hooked up with. I had never heard that story before never ever heard that story. This is so great, and he and he put the cigarette out and looked at the sheep. Don't wait up, Barbara. He'll be back. Thought we were going to die. Need those to save? We didn't have lamb chops before. Let you go. Tim is listening tonight for the first time this interview, would you like to give him a message? Junior. I just sent you. Love wrapping my arms around you from afar and just be grateful that you had such a great, dad. Thank you, Carol. Thank you for making the magic and being the matriarch of this comedy. Thank you for making it possible for us to laugh for all these years. Thank you for being a great person. Thank you. I was happy to talk about him. Take care Caroline. Good luck tonight. Thank you. All right. Wow. What a great interview Steve Gregory. That is really cool of them to do that. At the end for him to ask her about me, which is really a, a top shelf, but that's what that family is all about. When Joe Hamilton who was carbonates husband for a long, long time had planned a wedding for his daughter, and they rent it out the park plaza the ballroom at the park. Plaza hotel must have been a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars back in the late seventies, which probably is a quivalent to maybe a half million dollars now for a wedding and all the guests were planned. And, you know, the, the rooms are rented the flowers, were arranged or about to be arranged addresses the, everything the meals, the band. Everything was was rented out. And there was a guy from the Middle East who call Joe Hamilton and said the place that he was gonna have his daughter's wedding had burned down. And he wants the ball. Room. The Joe Hamilton had rented at the park plaza hotel, and he's willing to give him the price the wedding which one hundred twenty five thousand dollars, plus five hundred thousand dollars cash. If he'd move is wedding to another day. And Joe Hamilton. Told him to stick it. That he's not gonna do that his daughter. That is the kind of guy Joe Hamilton was one of those one of the greatest guys have ever met my life. A real guy everything about him. Smoking drinking golfing swearing. Everything was all male. When when and truly one of the funniest guys you'd ever meet intimidating, but not in a bad way. Just really one of the greatest guys. Remember my life listening to that interview that Steve did with Carol Burnett kind of led to my question. Maybe can think about during the break. Have you heard of the last few days stories about your dad that you had never heard before because you've you've told a lot? I'm guessing just over the years like this one from Carol Burnett. Yeah. There was a story out of Australia about a sheep in bed with my dad. I never heard, I'll tell that back live on campus. Bill, that would have banned the sale of makeup that has any of at least fifteen toxic chemicals, failed to Pat at bluecross blueshield, our companies take what we learned from covering one in three Americans.

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