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So we'll see so so care. Assessor defeated a two drastic express. I think i had that park. Defeated kitty omega would arrest stoppage now. Most of us would have picked kenny omega but i think this isn't a bad idea right right. First of all kitty was was it a spot where he could take a loss secondly. He'd ever actually tapped out. He detached from stopped. Its third people and il il something else to look so we'll go with that. <hes> jimmy having defeats darby allah george would you deliver a hardcore beck's sponsor by cracker barrel that goes back to the taos talking about <hes>. The dark ordered to feed best friends. Were that cubs it and they have these guys come out after they got it was just a little too much for me. There or cassidy shows up and it really gets hokey. He does like a dad. Have what is hazardous pocket do still case or scarcity shoplifted out to like not not a fan. Eh <hes> rio defeats occur ashida cheetah <hes> she real will face <hes> neither roles for the awa women's title now rolls what about a royal <hes> there may be some people who think down the road as unfair because she's a tray as well i would say hey you take that up with somebody else who say the in a re-export. That's already scripted. Hey so by has an unfair advantage but you know uh-huh this up that you do people will have to think about this fire things if people choose to argue about today too so what a better batches was cody rolls show spears shawn spears had till he blanchard sure his co. Quarter revised until he bless you enterprises. I like to match because i was able to create emotional story arc that lasted over a couple of shows. This is a kobe shoe. Coding finally gets his hands on the guy. Who's whacking would've chair. <hes> totally blanche is it a quarter of the guy who rick cody cheer. Totally blanchard is a law tie arrival of cody's father. You know be <hes> so at worse. Yeah true it worked out highlight of that match was aren't anderson coming down giving show springs aspire buster. Yeah we saw spills as show spring. Shawn springs is a dude who played corner for the seattle seahawks in nineteen nineteen ninety s. I didn't know like bessie. The funny is a real take. The literal brothers defeated the books for the aaa tag team titles potato belts in a ladder match after the bench l._a._x. Who i guess it goes burritos now. <hes> attacked left both teams beat up pretty bad for the main event and the grand finale defeats page. It is to do a w champion or the inaugural aid. This was easy art like i fought like jericho witted. Allow them to go to the bolts. Else will directions right because i think most of the top tier challenges will be considered baby faces so if cody holding challenged jericho it makes it if obama challenged jericho jericho beta part three or part four you don't no we got something. Pay owner who say story arcos able to be pulled that off that way right so all in all this show. We'll take take a break. We'll come back and do news birthdays and we'll talk about what happened with the awa title after jericho water biz stuff better yeah just took it. Did i don't know i don't know it. Cook it and ran with it. We'll get yes.

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