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What can athletes teach normal human beings memo about confidence and mental strength. I think pro sports and also pro. Athletes are portrayed also portray themselves in a very specific way nowadays also with social media. Because it's part of the game and it's part of their job to also design an image of themselves in the public eye and something that comes with that. Is that people who are not involved with pro. Sports often perceive pro athletes as being superhuman and immoral end human beings who don't feel pain and who have no doubts and no fears and who never face challenges but if they face challenges they immediately have like a plan that will surely guide them through this rough patch. And that's just not true. Speaking as a sports psychologist works with athletes from the olympic level down to the regular amateur ambitious rana or ambitious athlete. Everybody has the same process they go through. Everybody goes through the same struggles through the same doubts through the same injuries and rough patches. Everybody has private and social lives interfering with their sports performance. Everybody racist that they felt super confident about but that didn't go very well so we all experience the same thing on different levels and that experience in itself boils down to the very same thing that we're all human and we all have the same human abilities. The difference between high performing athletes and amateur athletes or even non athletic people is that because these athletes performance ahead level and because they face challenges and challenging situations every single week and very very challenging situations with high pressure. Multiple times a year is that they have strategies laid out for that the only thing that separates high performing athletes from quote unquote regular people. Is that high. Performing athletes had to work on these strategies and ultimately develop them because they are purchased and in challenging situations so many times and when they can develop it you can too. The marie dot is on unlocking building and maintaining confidence. Today and tomorrow with allience you can take confidence in tomorrow behind you. What's ahead Welcome back to the monocle daily. I'm andrew mullets still with our guests. Fernando augusta pacheco and marcus hippie now. Wc fields famous and wise admonishment against ever working with children or animals has once again languished unheeded this time by two of the german politicians hoping to become chancellor following next weekend's election In lash set of the christian democratic union and left of the social democratic party agreed to submit to an inquisition by two eleven year olds for a bit for a late night. Comedy program and grew increasingly perplexed as the tiny interrogators revealed a surprisingly detailed grasp of domestic and international politics. Here is how some of it went back. no zoll paulina. At all moslem nazi.

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