Terence Mann, 23 Assists, 18 Point discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


I weight Klaus got 26 points. 11 rebounds, seven assists tonight. Clippers. Now with 23 assists. Can Leonard make it and he does. I didn't even finish what I was saying. But it's an 18 point game. 1 26 to 1. I'll wait with 4 25 left McCollum right to left, playing with five personal 1000, the staple center logo now on the far side with red shoes. Between his legs A couple of times he moves to his left leathers down the middle of the lane tend to shoot for Portland with 4 11 a play he gets an outside pal recovers on the left wing. It's five to shoot for Norman Powell 32 points this far out. Gonna have to put up a contestant left wing three and does it's in and out no and another rebound, a letter his 12 Clippers. Four minutes to play letter stopped at the top of the key and he got the pump nearly got the bucket is he got cancer up in the air, but two more free throws in coming for quite letters. He steps just in front of the three point line. So Leonard will attempt his 8th and 9th free throws of the game. How about the Clippers? Now? This is gonna be there 23rd and 24th attempts. We've talked about it when they get themselves to the stripe. Good things happen. And that's been the case tonight. Portland has gotten their 35 times spin absurd how much they've gotten to the free throw line tonight and Leonard hits on the force, and it looks like Terry Stotts is waving the white flag. Anfernee Simon's Naseer Little C. J L A. B Harry Giles all checking in for the Blazers. And now the Clippers are going to counter bookie. Cousins hops off the bench and we'll get a little bit more extended run down the stretch here in the fourth, Terence Mann rips off his warmup rips off his mask. And are they going to be allowed in here? I think they're they believe they will. Yes, George is going to take a seat for man DJ 13. If this is it, 36 points the night 11 of 18 shooting from the floor, six of.

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