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And people were chanting slogans like democracy now really passionate. And in that kind of moment, you really feel the power of people and it kind of mates. Strong impression in my mind is like faith imprinted in my head I have that momentum and the drive to continue to fight for the democracy of the city even though the path has been very turbulent. Did you feel optimistic at that point in that fight? Did you feel positive that you were able to? See those democratic aims in Hong Kong. Worth of. Undoubtedly when you when you saw so many people coming out. For. The same coast and very tournament. That was definitely a moment that you saw. We are going to make history will going to make a change. But reality he's you back. Quite rapidly after emotional flush, your realized at. Your opponents is so strong. We'll talk about the largest. -Tarian country in the world now, you'll soon realize. Change. Is. Difficult. But by the time you have a choice, you can be pessimistic give up. Or you can be tenacious continue. So I think most people have chosen the second one. In. Many ways protests with Sina. So unsuccessful they were broken up by the government off the sort of just a two month. But if you speak to anyone from low suggest you want to to any of the other kind of prominent figures who part in his movements. They were really important kind of fooling grabbed in terms of tactics techniques. Row then did Nathan take on after the umbrella protests ended Nathan Oh became a founding member of a political party and was elected to Hong Kong's legislature but he did not get to serve very long because of controversy surrounding the oath he took when he was swearing in it wasn't just him the democracy lawmakers who will ended up being disqualified in his case before he was sworn in he gave a speech essentially attacking the government in quitting Mahatma Gandhi you can't Tang me your kind poultry me. You're kind even they tried this body. But you will never. On my mind as a result of this, he was along with these other lawmakers disqualified from parliament and his seat was taken from him. Nathan becoming elected to the legislature and being forced out was a big moment. Any cemented you as a political figure in Hong Kong an awesome it. There was a huge amount of attention focused on you out. Did your family feel about my family's has not been politically active? They have been tangled with daily works that garnered him Brian Butter. So at first, they worry about men opposed me from participating in politics even though they are not like pro-beijing people, they just want stability. And that's what to be honest. Light does something I. I can. I have never. been able to offer them since I was involved in ten to fourteen. And I completely understand it they they flat also from mainland. China, it was way comically was extremely unstable during the childhood growing up. And understand that kind of shoot a Wedneday successfully moved to Hong Kong and tried to stabilize their life. So yeah. The effort beginning they. They were doubtful in trying to persuade me not to get in full deeper and deeper. But Yeah. At the end of the day, they didn't stand out. They're not going to change me. And they're not going to change the frustration of a lot of the I think. Not long after that along with your friends and fellow protesters Joshua Wong and onyx child he was sentenced to prison for your involvement in the umbrella movement. What was that like? Well I that was I felt really bad during that period of time. In. July twenty seventeen. A day after my twenty, four, th birthday I was Unseated the court ruling. And in amongst time in August. I was sentenced to months of imprisonment. One month before my time, I was visiting the prison as a legislator. Talking to older superior officers in the person but on the next day. I've to be there. So it was quite a. Turbulent journey for me. So it was tough but I think for me I I I was quite relieved after I really make. A my mind strict. That will person time full inactivates in Hong Kong is inevitable. the government manipulated the legal system. And the colts is getting more and more aggressive towards protesters and prosecute anyone that they like on the. Delta. Critic leadership a managed to go sweat a relief peaceful the an calmly. He said team of eight month sentence. What kept you going through that time? The love from people and. From them. Actually my. Key Driving Force for me to move forward. And, along the. Journey that you walk through in your political life, you've seen so many people suffering from a also injustice from the government's also applicable prosecution. And when you feel them. It translates into your Muslim bulletin detail. To move. One Mile Mole for them. You have to show a lot of responsibility. Does that ever feel overwhelming? Yes full for an activist. A So it's difficult to balance everything. For example I mentioned about the expectation of my family's. And it's devastating. For me to always disappoint them. When they felt like. You're not really having stabilized then. Putting them in. A in a what were position on the com- basis. And as You have a lot of things. that. Personally cannot achieve or tame your relationship go your your life go other than politics. It all screw up by by political participation, and also like people pay speculation to you and. You will demand yourself on hot in harder. N. sometimes it it it it. It will burn you out. Is Not an easy task for me to admit that it's okay for me to fill a bit tired and. To try to have arrest..

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