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They're lining up right over. Bigmat Bach Horse, the center guy who moved over from guard as man to man. That's a really hard block for a center in pass protection. When you have one on one with the talented nose guard, he's the one who really applied. The pressure made that sack happened seven sacks for Georgia, 2nd and 15 for Clemson from their own 45 below. Snap takes the handoff. Quarterback draw younger, little a Plunges. Back into Georgia territory tackled at the Bulldog 45 yard line. It's a game of about nine, maybe 10, depending on the spot. Gene and Walker combined on the stop for the Bulldogs. Sets up a much more manageable third down here and man, the way this game has gone, Sean with five minutes to go. I think this is four down territory time You cross the 50. And you're down in the fourth quarter. I think you've got to be thinking four downs here, so don't have to get it all here. Georgia 10, Clemson 32 by two sec, then Jay Dixon is the running back. Here comes the heat. They pick it up, DJ throws caught and dropped incomplete. Galloway. I thought I had it at the 40. And he just couldn't hang on. It'll bring up fourth and five. Broken up by Louis C. Incredible play by seeing you nailed it. Galloway actually did catch it really seen almost simultaneously in about a half. Second came and punched that ball out with a big right fist plunged to the ground harmlessly for an incompletion. It was the right call, but a great play that time by seeing and not give up on the play instead of just making the tackle to go back the ball out of Hands of the receiver. Here comes the Georgia crowd. So glimpses, now five of 16 on third, down fourth and five. Galloway in motion loved to write two to each side shotgun staff. Here comes the pressure, young early roles and throws. It's incomplete just beyond the reach of E. J. Williams. Kobe Dean was coming in basically untouched. Clemson turns it over on downs the word tonight how it used for Georgia's defence. Relentless, absolutely relentless. And the way they're pursuing, and in just the play, calling just constant pressure on DJ every 3rd and 4th down there, bringing linebackers right at the middle press, pressing the pocket, forcing running backs to make big blocks to get bigger Linebackers and Clemson just has not been able to get it done in big situations. Do well on the way to spend much of the night running for his life tonight. That was no exception of that play, never had a chance to get started. CJs 1937 for 178 yards. At the end of that possession, So Dan Landing and Kirby smart, dialing it up for Georgia's defense. Let's bring you Fitzsimmons back into the conversation from down on the field. The guys I know America. Maybe thinking that this aesthetically is not a pretty football game, and we have these two marquee names a quarterback in JT Daniels of Georgia and D. J. Williams. Clemson. Look to me guys, and I don't know how you feel. But down here on the field, it's a hard hitting, paint swapping football game. If we had natural grass, it would be just an old school throwback. Bank of America Field in Charlotte, North Carolina. I'm giving full credit to Kirby Smart and that defensive staff and Brent Venables, Clemson, We have not had one targeting call one personal foul. It's been a hard hitting football game and anybody who wants to say Well, it was boring, Man. You just don't know ball to me, guys. SK Barrett. I know how you feel. But I think this has been an outstanding football game and extremely well coached. Defensive game by both staffs. Well, the numbers bared out Ian because it's on both sides again. We haven't had an offensive scoring touchdown in this football game between two top five teams. As advertised experience defenses, especially up front.

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