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But at some point like budgeting makes a lot more sense. And so it's really tricky. And that's where I think it's why think entrepreneurs learned the hard way and business, and I think it's why runner learn firsthand hard way because there's really no way to teach that to somebody. You really have to see like where is that? What what is it optimal amount that you can do like we're sort of pressing forward, but not too much where you're sort of putting yourself in jeopardy or your your company jeopardy, or whatever it is? And that's that's one of those things where there's not there isn't a book for that like there. And if there is it wouldn't it wouldn't be specific enough for the person, you know, it'd be too general. So I think it's toward the I've seen these races. You know this this past weekend. There's a lot of first time hours field. And that's that's partly what they should be the failure rate being it's kind of on the high end for most races this race. I think the conditions very hard. But I think yeah. Certainly being a first time on her miler the people run races. They run on probably run fifty mile races. Well, but they've never seen what the amount of suffering before it, and it made a lot of those kind of started fast or just a little things long along the way. It was first, you know, ten fifteen twenty hours, whatever it is. And they just don't know how to fix the problem now. And and maybe they didn't finish the race. And I bet next race. They'll come back, and they won't make this sexy got because they now they they learned the hard way whatnot do, and that's that's a lot of what what life is. And it's a lot of running. Powerful are full stuff. Definitely I think we covered both, you know. Extremes relentless. But also be sure to take breaks. Ultimately, I guess, and then that comes down to you know, no matter how extreme your activity whether it's running a hundred mile race. Whether it's building a business, again, working on a some creative projects, and the and does come down to, you know, making sure that you have the right balance such that, you know, you're pushing super hearts at the same time, though, you're doing it in a way where you don't go overboard. So it doesn't become completely destructive. So that was very very powerful lesson before we wrap up wanted to ask you is there any piece of life advice. You would give to the ideology. That's everybody listening to this now as a parting message. The life advice. That's that's heavy. It's like it's like it's like the meaning of life question. I think I think you have to find and one thing I think you have to find the thing you're really passionate about and I know this people use in reference to like finding the job you're Gardner about and sort of doing that. I think that's it's not a bad idea. It's not always super crackle just think that you should find, you know, anything or things you're passionate about life. And then really, you know, not just pursue it sort of Gresley, and and sort of take pleasure in and sorta spend your time doing it. But try to try to get better at it..

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