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Anyway very disappointing for uh for chelsea manning showing up not getting the fight that he wanted now onto the main news of the date jordan peterson is getting the milo treatment maybe by now you've seen a amazing kach rush into going channel four and if you haven't watched the end of this and then immediately go to youtube and find the twenty seven or twenty nine minute version because it's amazing now jordan peterson is able to do what most of his ernie dream about which is and i've done it myself in interviews on occasion but i don't always get it right i have been on channel four with kathy newman who is a or hyper hyper feminist british presenter and she asked me some of the same questions with some of the same interview technique now what kathleen human does and i don't know 'cause i haven't worked out whether this is all part of a clever strategy to get right wing is to say we and wacky and outrageous things but what she will do is show listen to a nuanced in complex onsa to a contentious an emotionally charged subject let's say the wage gap all campus rate culture and she'll listen first the trigger words and then show restate the show with simon reset in your argument what she does as she uses a few words to construct an outrageous so what you're saying is x statement which is has no relation whatsoever to what your original claim was so you might say something like well if you perform a multi very analysis you discover actually that the you know the wage gap is there for a variety of reasons not just sex and certainly not just discrimination but women's choices different educational choices women's priorities no insurance so sure she'll cut you often respond something like so what you're saying is there's no point trying to fight for quality 'cause it's never going to happen and women should just get used to not being equal and it's very difficult to respond to that kind of interviewing and it's too i don't know whether that's the result of of she's either brilliant all actually her iq is 75 either way it's it's it's effective when you're interviewing.

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