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Evergreen For me I in case you guys don't know I'm a little bit of a social nerd and I, I saw while ago that for me, that was the future of marketing. Things like Youtube and all that you're doing now is going to help you adapt right now. But also in my opinion, not that anyone's paying for it. But in my opinion, it's going to last you a very long time to be able to continue bring new people to your message and your purpose. So it's really exciting. Where can they find that video? Just for anyone who wants to see your series you guys are creating where can they find you on Youtube Oh? Yes. So on Youtube if you search a, it's called res- Sponsors Are Easy P. O. N. S. E. Roundtable. Research on Youtube. But for some reason, we're not, we don't come up. So this is really important below it will say like, are you sure this is what you're searching for. Picked And then we're the only one that comes up under that though. No then. We will. We will make sure to put a link in our show notes directly to that to hopefully help you guys out a little bit there. Were sure while I feel like twenty twenty has been such a crazy year between adapting to cove it and really taking a bigger stance at looking at what diversity means that inclusion means. So I'm excited to talk to you guys because you have been doing this long before this was a trend. This has been your life's purpose and your passion for Your Business So. You know why is it important to have diversity in business and not just from the standpoint of it's the right thing to do. But why can someone's business be stronger when there's diversity and inclusion you know for me? Okay. So this is again you're exactly right. This is our life's purpose right? We're revitalizing the perspective and I working directly on workforce developments in kind of. Trying to understand relationships between let's say like your leadership to your front line staff or your supervisors to your front line staff oftentimes, it relies directly within the concepts of diversity. But that means like the perspectives that each one of us comes through with you know like our value systems and how we are raised in how we see things in problem solving and solutions in relationships and interactions in communications all of that right is directly impacted by. Ra background. So I think it's very important for diversity inclusion to be In embracing kind of like a foundation for all things for business success right because. Different perspectives, which in turn will allow you better decision making which in turn will allow you. More innovation and creativity so. That's And then in the long run, right as a as somebody that like over seas a business. Style or whatever in the long run if you invest in that foundation than intern, you'll have less turnover and more wage movement and more kind of like we love this company. and. Like you said, I think having those different perspectives you know there's things that I. With my background never would have thought of that someone else from a different background can bring to the conversation and that can really help I worked at apple for a while and I don't want to hold them up as you know perfect at everything or anything but there's there's one part I would I would teach the new hires and there's one part of the course work that. Would say we celebrate diversity. It was like one of their big internal value main points and that I loved that term that we celebrate diversity, it's not we tolerate other people you know it's not we would like us it's like celebrate and really really dig in and and get to know and say how cool are these differences that we have. Always, really set out to me and and working..

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