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What was the beginning Was the line where popular food. We're manning gray the boys. I love to stare. Who am i. just guess guys that's press. i'm rocking i'm what you like twelve. He's like. I don't know what you're talking about is like he's like you talk about. I don't know zack and cody's tweet lives. I'm so lost. I don't know there's this is. I can tell him thirty. 'cause i don't know what that is knows that can go to be life as a show. We're a little older. we're a little. We're not we're just a little too old for goethe's we la la. I loved double dare. Wow didn't you double dare or was it. did you guys know kuba gooding. Junior's younger brother was a host on Wild and crazy came on which came on before double dare. I know we're getting. We're getting we're base. I'm trying. I'm really trying to get right there. You know big big movies and our in the most obscure corner of television. We gotta get to the that. Don't have one person back. So i'm going to introduce our two guests and diverse one. And i'm gonna i'm gonna bring them out at the same time but i want to explain them. I so the first one is aaron gibson and she is the creator of game of thrones. I like to say that the shirt to my justin bieber. She is like we like. I met her in los angeles in two thousand ten or something and we became fast friends and then we started doing her hair and then one day when feeble december in two thousand twelve. She was thrones and i was like that sash and this and that and she was like this shoes contra pasta and she was like you really need to do that like for funding your diet and then that's what happened and so she's been someone that's changed my life so much geez. She hosts an amazing podcast called during shade. She's a powerhouse. She's a power writer. she's a powerhouse person. Like i just am obsessed with her and the other is the host of the gorgeous show on nailed it flat. Who also who also has done thrones. That's where i first met her years ago. When we were little teeny tiny babies that means extra infringe. Thank you so much for coming okay. Hey nicole like are you are minding your own business not just you you. You have been doing some entertainment industry moments for a second. I've been working for years. She's been working. But i feel that you this year you get my wrong to assume the kind of marina gossioux and like huddling a triple axel this year. Well i just lucked into nailed it. Very it was. They did nailed it. Look into you. Oh i mean i think it's pretty mutual. Yeah i had no idea that people would like show as much as they do obsess insane children like me. Are their children here. You're not a child that you're a grown up thirteen. You're not a child. I apologize for talking about. Learn right if you need like if he if you need therapy sweeter so they endured so far like i'm so sorry Oh my god you know. I also like have no sense of what's appropriate and not like i feel like i feel like my eight year old niece. I'll talk to her. Like she's twenty seven and then like a twenty two year old. I'll talk to them like their four. I don't i don't get it. it's hard. I don't know what to say to children who are like cake lady. I'm like hello please remain a fan. That's how i get paid. That's literally what i said to a child. The other day and her mother was like what. And i was like and then she wanted a picture and i said okay so i bent down and then she bent down. I was like no. You're dumb dumb. I'm getting down there with you. Oh boy kids they call me cake later. They do for real yeah. I'm a hotel. This little girl is like like i am guilty guilty. Yup older people love saying that to made this man almost hit me with his car and he leaned out went post. You can't do that after you almost murder me. You're like you know timing. Yes everything else like. We're sounding no hounding. No i feel like a hammer win. It was like a while ago. I saw you do stand up for the first time You she commands a room. She can't help but it's not your fault. Just what it is like her. What are you performing somewhere somewhere. What's going on with like what's it what's it going up in. The standard is their pop in. I have is also like a not pre rehearsed questions like. I have no idea if they're not doing it. Like i don't know it's pop man. I'm recording netflix. Special tomorrow baby. I'm so excited. Oh wait tomorrow today. Today's the day. God that would have been bad. Sorry guys more tonight at club set at seven thirty and nine can go take your good energy. There already sold out. I have no idea. go wait in line. I don't know a better way to spend your night kidding. Better ways history than sitting in line with nicolas says yeah. Yeah i love curl your also come at it. Is that that. Like i read the thing about the spend.

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