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Multiple facilities. He has diabetes and cholesterol and blood pressure, and the Arctic stenosis and human papillomavirus and campuses are Kalma. And he was seen by dermatologists who saw the lesion the penis, and we measured about three or four centimeters. And it was biopsy. They'll get it was biopsy. The biopsy didn't show a diagnosis. And so they just send him on his way and the memory of the pal searches on revealing Ed colonoscopy, which is under revealing his weight was under fifty pounds his history of COPD knowing never smoked, and he came to me with this mess. Four centimeter mass on the inferior left side of his penis and had been seen by many doctors without a diagnosis. And what did we do? Immediately arranged to get a biopsy of this mass and the first biopsy was no good. It didn't show the cancer. Like, I said a minute ago. All biopsies are not perfect. I biopsy was no good. So we arranged her second biopsy and that second biopsy showed a squamous cancer of this man's penis. And we arranged for treatment immediately. Even though the lesion for several years, and he'd been seen by a variety of doctors. No one ever. Made the diagnosis until he came here to thirteen eighty four Broadway. We saw him. We evaluated him took action to get the biopsy performed and then to offer all the treatment. Whether he wanted to amputation of his penis or to save the penis. Well, of course, this smash and say a chorus, but this man like probably most men when given the choice between removing the penis, amputation or not shows non invasive treatment and often my talk about people come to me, removing the arm or the leg or the breast. Well, this is -nother such case where most doctors offered him a removal of the penis, and he wanted our treatment, and he's now in remission having our precise treatment. So what a difference it.

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